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Before Braces

First of all…..1,000 likes as of this morning!!! Wooohoooo!!!! When I sit at this screen each day, writing our life, I never know if anyone will even care to read, much less like. So thank you, Herd followers. You made my day. And now on to our regularly scheduled programming.

The Princess gets braces on her upper teeth tomorrow. We’re both a little anxious. I never had braces growing up. No one in my family had braces. Not many of my friends had braces. This is a new process for us.  Saturday, she was talking about all the foods she won’t be able to eat for the 18-24 months she will have the braces on.  In what I would consider a brilliant mother moment, I decided she should have a “Before Braces” party. After the dance competition ended Sunday afternoon, we went to the store and bought the favorites she won’t be able to eat starting tomorrow.  Our cart held marshmallows, Skittles, Starbursts. Sour Patch, and a candy bar with caramel in the middle. She’s generously shared with her brothers, as well as her ASB class at school. They’ve plowed through nearly all of it in two days.

She’s anxious.  She’s happy it’s finally happening. She’s worried about the potential pain. She wants to know exactly what’s going to happen and when.  She wants it done.  She’s concerned some people will make fun of her. She isn’t sure how she’s going to look. I told her it’s a new normal for her. She said, “It’s a new weird. Normal is boring.” Have I mentioned I love this girl?

She’s a pretty girl. She will still be a pretty girl even with braces. But it’s kind of a humbling process for her. I think we’re both a little thrown, unsure what this is going to be like. It’s not as if no one in the world has never had braces before. This isn’t something extraordinary. Kids get braces every day.  But it’s new to us.

Please keep my girlie in your thoughts tomorrow. And if you’ve been through braces with your child, or yourself, any advice you could share would be much appreciated.

Smiling Princess

6 thoughts on “Before Braces

  1. My 14 year old son just got his put on yesterday!!! Tops and bottoms!!! He was in quite a bit of pain lastnight and drooling everywhere so make sure you have ibuprofen and drool cloths….also I made a big batch of mashed potatoes for him lastnight and going to be picking up stuff to make “healthy” smoothies so he’s getting his nutrients. Good luck to you and your little girl!! And congrats on 1,000 likes you stat queen 😉

  2. Congrats on the 1,000 likes! You’re so cool! I can only hope to get there some day!

    About the braces……

    I’ve had braces and 3 of my children have, as well. They are painful for a day or two. Bring on the smoothies! After that, it will get to a point when you don’t even notice them anymore. As for the dietary restrictions, use your own judgement, but after about a week, my kids ate whatever they wanted and we had no problems at all.

    For us, the only real nuisance was getting them tightened, (same kind of pain as getting them on, but WAY less), occasional rub spots on the inside of the mouth (which is quickly and easily fixed with dental wax) and the never ending need to replace worn out toothbrushes (thank you Costco).

    If the inside of your mouth is tender, I’d make sure you keep dental wax on hand til the skin toughens up a bit. Usually the ortho will give you some, but you can buy it at pretty much any drug store too.

    All in all, you’ll be so happy you went through this. Any kid that has anything to say would find something else to pick on if you didn’t have braces, so forget them anyway. Just have fun being your beautiful self!

    Good luck to you both! The hardest part is the first few days, then the rest is a piece of cake (which you should go have as soon as it doesn’t hurt to chew)!

    • Thanks! I wish it were 1,000 followers but I’ll take the 1,000 likes. Haha
      And thanks for the scoop. Helps a ton. You’re so right about kids finding stuff to pick on. She’s pretty tough.

  3. Oh yes, dental wax is your friend! I had braces top and bottom along with neckgear for about three years when I was in high school Braces have come a long way, with the colored rubber bands and the clear brackets. You might look into acceptable substitutes for your daughter’s favorite items. Sometimes it’s a matter of flavor or texture. Meeting the need without risking damage to the braces can reduce some of the emotional strain.

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