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Yeah, that answer doesn’t work for me

I’m working on over two months of dealing with this leg injury. Yes, I was able to get one 2.5 mile run in a couple of weeks ago, and was totally giddy about that, thinking I was back on the running road. But two days after that run, I could hardly move. It took about 10 days to recover. I have cried over it, trust me. Every email that comes through on upcoming races is a punch in the gut. Every friend’s post on their races and runs stabs a little bit. I’m happy for them, just envious, and more than a little sad. I never thought I would miss being able to run. I was that prissy girl who never understood running nor runners,  never wanted to work that hard nor sweat that much. Now I’m going out of my mind.

I’ve been resting, elevating, icing, heating, foam rolling, and taking nsaid’s. I’ve been going to the chiropractor, which has helped other issues, but not this one. I’ve had two intense massage sessions, which also have helped but not kicked the issue. I’ve gone completely non-impact as far as exercising, reintroducing  yoga, and taking lots of walks. My last good run was before Christmas.

I don’t even know what I really did to hurt my leg. I can’t even really tell you what’s hurt exactly. It could be my knee, and my hip is compensating. It could be my hip and my knee is compensating. It could be both my knee and hip. Regardless, my hamstring, IT band, and quad are all knotted up, every single day. It. Hurts. All. The. Time. I finally caved and called the doctor last week. My appointment is next Friday. The waiting….argh with the waiting to get in to see the doctor. I know the process will likely be long, and involve at least x-rays – don’t they always seem to start there? – and maybe an MRI if I’m lucky and can convince them of the need, before I get a referral to my fabulous ortho doctor. I’m sure he will be happy to see me again as it’s been over two years since my shoulder surgery – some kind of record for me, honestly.

Here’s the kicker – I’ve had no less than three people, my chiropractor included, tell me maybe I should just stop running. What the what? Yeah…that answer doesn’t work for me. My yoga instructor asked why that is. I told her I’ve seen my brother come back from multiple knee surgeries on both knees to run marathons. I’ve been passed on courses by 75-year-olds. I won’t give in to an injury. I just want it fixed so I can run again.

Trust me, I know running is harder on the body. I get that. I’ve been running for almost 10 years now. It doesn’t always feel amazing. When I’m not injured, getting ready to run is a process involving warming up, using the foam roller, and taking some ibuprofen, definitely making sure the hydration and nutrition are right leading up to long runs.  The older I get, the longer the process. Sure, walking is nice. We’ve had some gorgeous mornings, and it gives me time to pray, to think, to look around in a way I can’t always manage when running. It also takes twice as long to burn the same amount of calories. It just doesn’t feel the same as running.

“Have you tried cycling?” they asked. Yeah, not so much. I don’t mind pleasure rides with the kids around the neighborhood, but I hate wearing that dang helmet, am terrified of falling off/crashing (there’s a lot further to go from a bike than there is when you’re on your own two feet), and let’s not even mention those fancy cycling suits. Cycling isn’t for me.

So, I’ll wait, go see the doctor next Friday, and hopefully soon be on the road running again. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Yeah, that answer doesn’t work for me

  1. I am not a runner, but my husband runs marathons & this would be an unacceptable answer for him as well. He had a near heart attack a few years back. He had to have a stent put in & never looked back. I know how important running is to him. It sounds like it is the same for you. I hope that you are on the mend soon & are able to get back out there.

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