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The two of them

Big Man and the Princess are twelve months and nineteen days apart in age. God, in his infinite wisdom (and humor) chose to give us two babies in just over a year, after battling through 18 months of infertility. Since Big Man was 3 1/2 months premature, he was developmentally 9 months old when the Princess was born. Yes, life was interesting. I essentially had two infants who weren’t twins. They don’t even technically qualify as Irish Twins, but they may as well have been. My point is, they’ve never really known anything but having each other around.

These two were a unit right out of the gate, as soon as Big Man got over losing my lap to his sister. Through their toddler years, they conspired to push me to my limits. When I heard either their hysterical giggles, or dead silence, I knew trouble was happening. The Princess didn’t call him by his name for years – he was simply “Bruddah.” The little boy across the street recognized them for the entity they were, calling them both by both their names blended into one name. They didn’t even, for the longest time, realize they weren’t the same sex (granted part of that is developmental in nature). And now when we ask Big Man why he, at four years old, cut off ALL of his three-year-old- sister’s hair,  he will say she didn’t want to look like a girl with her relatively long hair. Sigh.

They are now fourteen and thirteen years old, respectively. They don’t fight. They can, and often do, communicate without talking. The Princess was telling me how they are at school – they share the same lunch time and PE period – and it made me tear up to hear her telling of it. They have a special relationship. It’s pretty amazing to watch. They look out for each other. They laugh a lot at each other’s quirks. They build each other up. They will not let anyone tear the other down. They defend each other. They have their own inside jokes. Their friends are entertained by their relationship.

Sometimes it makes me sad…they  have a relationship I will never be part of. I’m their parent. They have a bond they don’t share with their little brother. He isn’t part of that unit. They don’t neglect him, nor do they exclude him. They just have something he isn’t part of, not that he ever complains. I don’t know he even realizes it.

They are at that age girls grow and boys haven’t quite yet hit their growth peak. In other words, the Princess is very nearly the same height as Big Man. They’ve been hearing that question lately if they’re twins. Big Man isn’t a fan, and can’t wait for his growth spurt.  It makes me more aware how close they are though.

I feel blessed to be on the sidelines watching the two of them together. I love the way they are, and am so happy to be able to watch them as they grow up. The two of them….they’re pretty amazing, individually, and together.

papa and babies thanksgiving ryley and grace mud DSC00538

2 thoughts on “The two of them

  1. This sounds so wonderful. I’ve done my best to foster a relationship between Michael and John. Given their limitations, it’s been tough, but now and then there comes one of those moments that you just want to seal in your heart forever.

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