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In the background

Now that Spring Training is in full swing, there are baseball games being broadcast. Every afternoon, my tv is tuned to the MLB channel. It doesn’t matter who’s playing. I don’t often even have the chance to sit and watch the game. But the sound of it is soothing, and it makes me happy.

I grew up watching sports. As a Daddy’s girl, I knew if I wanted to hang out with Dad, I was going to be watching sports. I also have a brother who is nearly four years older than I. I spent years watching him play baseball and flag football. I even learned how to keep score during his baseball games – a skill set I’ve long since forgotten. Anyways, sports were just part of life. There was nothing I loved more than baseball…the sights, the sounds, the hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, sitting in the sun, the strategies, the intensity.  During college, I had a bunch of friends on the baseball team. Fridays after class, I would head over to the field to watch games. After college, my dad, brother and I would often meet at the stadium and sit out in the bleachers, watching our A’s.  Then my brother and I shared A’s season tickets for five years or so. beginning in the strike-shortened 1994 season.  Big Man’s first game was an A’s Spring Training game, and he went to Opening Night in 2001 still in his infant carrier.

So many memories are tied up in baseball. I do believe that’s a good part of why I like to have games on when I’m puttering around the house. I just love the sounds….the announcers, the analysts, the crowds, the crack of the bat…..they soothe me. They make me think of long, warm, summer days. They remind me of childhood. They remind me of baseball dates before Spouse and I married. They remind me of birthday celebrations at the ballpark. They remind me of time with my oldest sister. They remind me of my brother, and the time spent both watching him play, and watching games with him.

Baseball season starts in a few weeks.  I love the hope of a new season, the excitement of what may be, the optimism of a new beginning.  I am content, for now, to have these Spring Training games playing in the background while I go about  my domestic days.

4 thoughts on “In the background

  1. Funny how some things can trigger so many memories. For me it’s just summer in general. Everything about summer I love. Well unless it gets over a 100 degrees….I don’t love that too much.

  2. I was a season ticket holder for the Phillies when my husband first met me and I’ve been to a million games. Since moving out of the Philly area, we try to take our kids to see the Phillies when they play the Nats in DC at least once every summer and we make a long weekend of it. I miss seeing baseball from the stadium, and now that we’re out of the Philly viewing area, I have to rely on internet radio to hear the games because MLB Network isn’t an option with our dinosaur TV’s.

    • Ugh! That’s a bummer. Every three years, the A’s play the Padres here, so I get to see them. And the MLB package was a requirement when we moved so I can watch them when I want.

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