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She’s been a bit quiet

It’s been nearly a week since the Princess had her braces put on. She’s been a bit quiet. The first few days, I blamed it on the pain she was in. I know her pain is dissipating, and yet the quietness remains. It’s making me a little sad, and concerned. She isn’t herself.

I know this is a huge adjustment. I never had braces, but I did get glasses – hideous glasses, because, well, it was the 80’s – and I know how big a change that was, how it affected me. She has so much left in the process too. She has to have a baby tooth pulled out next week. We don’t know yet when she will have the lower braces put on. And if the eye tooth in her gum doesn’t drop down on its own, she will have to have a chain surgically attached and the orthodontist will then pull that tooth down link by link. It’s a lot to go through.  It’s a lot of unknowns. It’s a good deal of pain.  I think that’s all getting to her.

I want her to bounce back, get back to herself. She’s had some confidence issues lately as it is. This is adding to that, and it breaks my heart to watch my baby girl go through this. I’ve been hovering the past week. I know I’m doing it, but I want to take care of her, fix whatever may be wrong, keep her confidence up.

In the grand scheme of things, this will be a short detour in her life. At most, she will have the braces on for two years. They are such pivotal  years though, finishing middle school and starting high school. She is already saying she hates braces, although at this point, I do believe a good chunk of that malice is due to the limitations on what she can eat, and the pain she’s been enduring.  She knows the payoff is worth it, but it’s hard when all you can see is the many months until the end.

Keep my girlie in your thoughts. And maybe send some encouraging words this way. We could both  use them.

5 thoughts on “She’s been a bit quiet

  1. Maybe a little shopping spree or a day at the salon? Just a suggestion to possibly give a little boost to her confidence. She is such a beautiful girl even with her braces but I know as a mother and a female yourself you understand what’s going on in that head of hers. Being concerned just shows what a good mom you are 🙂 Keeping you both in my thoughts and hoping that she gets back to being herself soon.

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