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The courage

I sat here for awhile tonight with the Princess looking at photos from the last dance competition a couple weeks ago. The photographer wasn’t amazing, missing a lot of great moments, particularly in the group numbers. But then again, he didn’t have the advantage of knowing what was coming in each dance. We saw enough for her to be able to critique herself. Sometimes you need to see it from the other side to be able to fix what you don’t know you’re doing wrong.

I, being the proud dance momma, quickly downloaded, and then uploaded, photos of her solo to my personal FB page. Of course the photos we bought are the ones that show her off a bit. You wouldn’t order the one with the bent arm, un-pointed foot, or funky face right?

I’m sitting here looking at them thinking, “What courage does it take to get out on that huge stage all by yourself, and not only dance, but be judged in your dancing?” And once again, I am in awe of my girl.

I used to sing in public. I was on the praise team at our old church years ago. I sang a few solos. I’ve sung at five weddings and two funerals. I’ve given numerous speeches in volunteering with the March of Dimes. My knees shake horribly every single time I’ve had to sing or speak in public. The nerves are ridiculous. And I’m an adult. I don’t think I could do what she does.

When I see her go out there, so small, so young, all by herself, and dance, I am amazed. Once again I’m left wishing I’d been half what she is at her age. I don’t know she understands the depth of my pride in her, in who she is. She calls herself shy. She has no idea. I am beyond happy the way she gets out there and goes after what she wants, that she has the courage to perform in front of all those eyes, without appearing to flinch. Dance on, Princess. You’re pretty freakin amazing. AI9R3090

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