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Random Friday stuff

We’re getting ready to host a lobster boil at the house tomorrow night. It was Spouse’s idea, his gig, but I still have stuff to get done. Thus I was found at BevMo as soon as they opened, and then I braved Costco on a Friday, all for love of him. Bonus though – our  Costco finally has again my favorite hummus, the jalapeno cilantro flavor. I bought two. I thought about getting three just in case they change their minds again.

I started out on my walk this morning, and decided to try to see if I could run. Two-point-five miles later…..pretty sure I had that huge grin on my face again, the one non-runners totally don’t get. I was sure to stretch really well afterwards, and use the foam roller both before and after. Whatever it takes for me to be able to run again. It just put me in a good mood to run.

Getting back to the lobster boil though. Spouse ordered live Maine lobsters. They arrived this morning, in two big, heavy boxes. I saw them just as I was leaving on my errands. Dang it anyways. Those suckers were heavy, but I managed to get the boxes into the garage, then sent a text to Spouse to let him know they’d arrived. He asked if they were supposed to go in the fridge. Um, isn’t this your gig? Didn’t the website tell you what to do when they got here? When I returned from my BevMo/Costco run, I went to put stuff in the garage freezer, and heard some scratching claws coming from inside the box. Doh!! I couldn’t get the boxes into the fridge. Frantic text to Spouse, who arrived home fifteen minutes later to manage the situation. I’m not going in the garage, much less the garage fridge, until after tomorrow. I like lobster, but I prefer it already cooked. I won’t be part of putting them in the pot tomorrow, at all.

The kids are out on Spring Break, as of this afternoon. They have two weeks off. Yes, that’s TWO WEEKS!!! Little Man is a little bit stressed. He does like his routine. We will be traveling to DC for six days. Last time he flew, we didn’t plan well with food, and there was some pretty intense turbulence. He ended up throwing up on the plane. He was a true pro though, neatly getting it all in the little bag. But he’s worried it will  happen again. We’re getting him some Dramamine. He’s all about that if it will keep him from puking again. Of that, he was not a fan. Add to this stress all the stuff with the co-pilot intentionally crashing the Germanwings plane this week, and he’s a little anxious. We’re not watching the news for the next few days. Hopefully that will help settle his fears some.

When the kids go back to school, they will have nine weeks left until Summer. Big Man will graduate from eighth grade, and Little Man will finish elementary school. I’m stocking up on kleenex already.

I should be cleaning my house right now, but blogs are more fun. l

I’m taking the Princess to see one of her BFFs in Shrek the Musical tonight. This will be fun.

The dang cat has brought eight (EIGHT!!!!!) lizards into the house in the last five days. I have been able to rescue all of them before they suffered the death blow. It was close on a couple of them. We may have some repeat offenders, I’m thinking. Maybe I should let the cat have his way with them. Survival of the fittest. If I’ve rescued you more than once, your time might just be up. No, I don’t touch them. GROSS! The broom and dust pan work perfectly for lizard capture and release, as long as they don’t jump while I’m taking them outside.

I’m currently reading Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford. I read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet a few years back and loved it. I’d been looking for another book by Ford. This is definitely following in Hotel’s footsteps. Eye-opening, melancholy, beautiful.  What are you reading? I have five books on my Kindle for the DC trip. Do you think that will be enough? Do you prefer hard books, or e-books? I go back and forth between the two. Sometimes I find myself tapping the page of a hard book in an attempt to turn the page, especially after I’ve been reading on the kindle for awhile.

I have the best friends.

U of A won last night in the Sweet Sixteen, but it was a bit close for comfort. Elite Eight tomorrow against Wisconsin. Please win, Wildcats. My husband’s mood depends upon it, and we have a party to host tomorrow night!

Seriously, I need to clean. Wait, I think I hear lobsters……

6 thoughts on “Random Friday stuff

  1. We used to have a cat that was an absolute champion mouser. I’d come home from work and find five or six little bodies lined up on the Welcome mat.
    I much prefer a “real” book. The Squire gave me an e-reader for Christmas one year, and I think I read one story on it. He meant well, and he’s getting a lot of use out of it, so it all works out.

    • I usually prefer “real” books as well – there’s just something about the weight of it, being able to really tell how far you’ve made it through the story, the smell of paper. The e-reader is awesome for traveling purposes. Much lighter than carrying a few books. Yikes on the mouse-y gifts. I got a gopher on the back patio this morning. Fun times.

      • I’ve been a country girl all my life, so mice and snakes don’t bother me, particularly, although I thnk I prefer live mice to dead ones – especially in the guestroom!

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