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He’s So Excited (and he just can’t hide it)

I believe I mentioned we are taking the Herd to DC over Spring Break. Little Man is beside himself with excitement. There are so many things he simply can’t wait to see, things he’s only heard of or seen pictures of. This coming so closely on the heels of his birthday is about to make him burst.

He woke me up at 5:45 this morning to let me know just how many days  until we leave. Yep, nice wakeup call on the first morning of Spring Break. Tomorrow. he will begin counting the hours until our first flight.

Little Man is not usually one for travel. He goes reluctantly, knowing it is just part of life in this family. But he firmly lets us know he’s unhappy. He was 4 1/2 the second time we took them to Hawaii. He was asking to come home on day 2. We had seven more days on the island. One time we were camping, and he, knowing what day we were leaving for home, was up with sun, dressed, and packing up  his stuff. He sat on the back bumper, impatiently waiting as we slowly woke up, ate breakfast, and broke camp. That’s still one of my favorite photos of him because it showed so clearly his level of distaste for being away from home, and his excitement to get back to his comfy place.

This trip is somehow different. He has wanted for years to see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the reflecting pool (although he did ask why it’s called the reflecting pool…is it because it reflects something, or you’re supposed to reflect on our history while looking at it?”). He is most looking forward to a visit to the Air & Space Museum, air and space being two of his “things.” I can’t wait to see his face through all of it. To be able to bring part of our country’s history to life for my kids is an awesome thing.

My parents are going on the trip with us. My dad is Korean War vet. He’s never been to DC. I can’t wait to show it to him. It will be emotional, I’m sure. He deserves that moment.  Daddy has been counting the days too.

There’s lots to do between now and Tuesday morning, followed by a long day of travel. But this one is for the books. He’s not the only one who’s so excited.

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