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Roll Call!

I’d planned at least two posts for the day, but stuff happens and i’m running out the door to take Big Man to his golf lesson, followed by ballet with the Princess. With that in mind, and in acknowledging the small influx of new followers, let’s take a roll call. Let us know your blog name, where you’re from, and how you found the Herd. Happy Spring!

8 thoughts on “Roll Call!

  1. Hi! Karli aka Parents Helping Parents. I found you on WordPress and am really glad I did! I love your thoughts, insights and humor. Every time I see that you have a new post, my day comes to a screeching halt. I have to immediately read it because I know it’s going to be great! Thanks for sharing your world!

  2. Good evening! I’m Danielle from Shining the Light. I found you on word press when I search for the tag school once. Your post that day was about your son and many of your moments with him remind me of my moments with some of my school babies!

  3. Lady Anne here, and I have NO idea who I stumbled upon your blog. Just wandered in, clicking on links. We also had three children – all grown and flown now – and I just love the title of your blog.

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