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Middle School Answers

The middle school question for Little Man has been answered. Yes, I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief. His number did not come up in the lottery for the sugar-coated strawberries school of recent posting. Honestly, I was somewhat happy about that. Logistically, it would have been difficult. And I had my reservations about it being the right place for him with little daily structure and the noise level.

When we landed home from our trip to D.C., I turned on my phone to find an email from the other school we’d entered the lottery. I was terrified to open it. But the words “We are pleased to inform you your child was chosen by the lottery process to attend….” I almost bounced out of my seat. I immediately turned to Little Man and showed him the email. He grinned broadly, gave me a huge hug, then yelled back to his daddy four rows back, “Dad! I got into QA!” His excitement made my heart smile. In the days following, we found out a few of his good friends, including his bestie, are going there as well.

So, we know where he’s going next year. I do believe it is the perfect place for him. Middle school can be such a trying place for “normal” kids. I was beyond anxious thinking about him at the traditional school his siblings have attended. We would have worked it out, but not without angst. This school will be small, and the style right up his alley. We are all extremely happy.

We’re scheduling his follow-up IEP meeting to adjust his plan for this school. I am much less stressed than if we were meeting to adjust for the traditional school.  He is much less anxious, and is very excited for next year now.

We’re all breathing. We’re facing a new adventure. It will be interesting dealing with three kids at three different schools, but this is the right thing to do, the right place for him to be.

2 thoughts on “Middle School Answers

  1. Congratulations! What a relief this must be. We faced some tense moments in middle school, but fortunately my son had one of the best teachers and finest people I’ve ever met. I wish you and Little Man much joy in the coming year.

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