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The Gatekeeper?

We had Little Man’s IEP transition meeting this morning. Happy Monday morning, right? Right. It was probably the easiest transition meeting on record, made simpler by the fact where he will be going for middle school. We had much less to worry about with PE being much like what he does now, rather than facing locker rooms, dressing out, and 120+ kids out on the field all at once. Let’s just say this meeting, while official, was very relaxed. I love his team. They care about my little boy.

His SAI is amazing. I love her, and respect her greatly. Want to hear something funny? I used to see her as the gatekeeper, and be a little bit afraid of her. Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to see her heart, and get to know her. She will always have a special place in my heart. Funny how life works that way, and one more reminder that until you know someone, you don’t know them. First, and even second and third impressions, especially from a distance, are not always good examples of who a person really is. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with her, and see her heart. She knows Little Man as well as I, and that means so much. She knows his quirks, his triggers, what a huge thing it is to see his smile, how utterly brilliant he is. More than that, she appreciates all of it, all of him. She doesn’t have to, but she does. That will win a mother’s heart and confidence every single time.

Middle school will come. I am entirely more confident in his ability to take it on now than I was even six months ago. We heard only good things this morning – how far he’s come this year, how wonderfully he’s doing. He’s learning to speak rather than throw a tantrum. He’s beginning to advocate for himself.  Part of my relief, yes, is the fact he will be going to this new school rather than the traditional school his siblings attend. But a much bigger portion is due to him making huge strides this year.

High school did come up briefly in the conversation this morning. We do have a plan, even though that’s three years away. I am confident he will continue to grow and mature, especially in the environment he will be the next few years.

We owe much to his team, and the SAI who loves him so. Gatekeeper? Maybe. Amazing person? Definitely.

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