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What I Learned from the 21 Day Fix (extreme version)

When the Princess and I went shopping a few weeks back for dresses, and I ended up needing a size up from what I’ve been wearing for a very long time, I knew something needed to change. I had ordered the 21 Day Fix Extreme back in March, but it had been sitting around, unopened, eyeballing me. Three days after our shopping trip, I started the program. I finished a couple days ago. I do feel better, more energetic. And I did lose 5 pounds. I didn’t do any measurements in the beginning, but I can tell by the fit of my clothes things have been rearranged so to speak. Here’s what I learned over the three weeks:

  1. Don’t mess with a hungry, overwhelmed momma. Things will not go your way.
  2. Your body will adjust to the change in caloric intake. It takes about three days. Probably best not to plan any big adventures those first few days.
  3. You can find new things to cook, and/or modify what you usually make
  4. Your kids probably won’t eat more than half of the new meals you’re making.
  5. This plan doesn’t work well if you’re the only one in the household trying to take pounds off, especially if two out of your three kids need to put on weight. I ended up cooking two separate meals most nights.
  6. Cauliflower is not, and never will be, bread, crackers, pizza crust, nor mashed potatoes, and the only way to make it palatable is to add a ton of stuff to it, which probably defeats much of the purpose.
  7. Eating clean means doing A LOT more dishes. Seriously.
  8. You can satisfy that need for crunchy food with carrots and celery. No, it isn’t nearly as much fun as chips and crackers.
  9. A LOT of grapes fit into that dang purple container.
  10. This plan is a challenge for someone who doesn’t eat any fruit except green apples and green grapes (and is quite happy that way).
  11. There’s a LOT of food planning involved. I had to figure out in the morning what I was making for dinner so I knew if I needed to save my two measly carb portions for dinner.
  12. Probably best not to be going to restaurants while on the plan. It can be done, but your waiter will probably get a little frustrated with your “on the side” requests, and other patrons will stare if you pull out your containers to measure everything.
  13. Roasted asparagus with garlic, balsamic, and almond slivers is awesome.
  14. I never want to hear the girl on the exercise videos tell me I “can do anything for sixty seconds” ever again. Annoying skinny person! (said facetiously of course)
  15. I don’t want so badly to be that thin I will forgo all things yummy the rest of my life. Moderation, for me, is key; denial is not.
  16. Twenty-one days is exactly the time it takes from something to become a habit.

I’m done with the plan. I will incorporate some of what I learned, mostly portion control, having more salads than pizza, snacking on veggies rather than cheese and crackers, and spreading our wings with new recipes. I realized I have to be very careful how I approach losing weight with a teenage girl in the house. I’m a healthy person already. And she was strongly questioning why I was doing this program, especially after the talks we’ve been having lately about health, weight, the idea of a perfect body, self-image, etc. I had to look at it through her eyes, and I realized this is too extreme for me to be doing. I had to re-evaluate my goals for my body, re-examine my own body image and self esteem. We’re still working on balance. For us, a good balance means incorporating some of the new, but going about it in a more moderate manner, focusing on health rather than trying to attain a “perfect body”. I do think it is a good program, and I know a lot of people have had huge success with it. If anyone asks me about it, is thinking about doing it, I would tell them to give it a go. It’s worth it if for nothing else than creating a habit of eating more healthfully.

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