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Nothing to see here folks…just your usual “mom losing her mind” flora and fauna

Oh, blogging friends and followers – I am a freakin hot mess at the moment. You’re going to need to tolerate me the next few weeks. I’m trying to keep up with my writing in the midst of the craziness, and I do get to peek at a few of your posts, but I haven’t been commenting nor responding much. Epic fail as a fellow blogger. I apologize! I’ll get back to regularly-scheduled programming come June 1 (hopefully!)

We are 18 days away from our annual Team Roo fundraiser. I. Am. Losing, It. I know everything will come together. Stuff will get done, or it won’t, but the stress always reaches peak levels at this point. I have 8 more items on my to-do list, and that’s just stuff that needs to happen to the house. There are five things on the party-prep to-do list, added to the stress of “Will they come?” and “Will we reach our goal?” much less writing my little speech and organizing the night. I have an awesome committee helping this year, but in the end, it’s my show. And I’m freaking out!!!! Who decides to paint the entire downstairs of their house three weeks before a party? This girl, that’s who. And now that I’ve painted samples on no less than four walls, it has to get done, right? Right!

On top of all this insanity, we have your normal end-of-school-year craziness happening….projects and reports coming out our ears. The Princess has the 7th grade Renaissance Faire next week, for which I have to put together her costume. Little Man has Open House in two weeks. Tomorrow morning,  Big Man is participating in the district Academic Bowl. Somewhere between now and the end of the year, the Princess will also have a portfolio night and an award ceremony. And I’m our book fair chair this year. Our BOGO fair is two days before the Team Roo fundraiser. Seriously. And don’t even get me started on the last day of school. Thankfully the Fifth Grade Promotion ceremony was moved to the day before, but Big Man will graduate 8th grade on the last day, and then I need to get back to the elementary school to pick up Little Man, and cry my eyes out saying goodbye to the teachers and staff there. Did I mention the parking at the middle school will be an utter disaster? I’ve seriously been anxious about this day since the beginning of school, trying to figure out the best logistics to make it all work. I know we aren’t the only family facing this same nightmare.

We’re also in an orthodontic hell with the Princess. She has a tooth that hasn’t come down, despite pulling the baby tooth a couple months ago, so off to the periodontist we went. Except even with three x-rays, he couldn’t get a good grasp on the exact location and position of the impacted tooth, so we were sent for a CT Scan (cha-ching!). Now we have to wait another week to go back to the periodontist to get a treatment plan. Princess is freaking out with anxiety over the entire process.  She wants desperately to be knocked out for whatever they’re going to do, especially as she’s heard stories from friends who’ve been through the same or similar on how painful it is. The waiting is pushing her over the edge. I’m tired of hauling kids to all kinds of specialists.

Oh yeah, there’s still a household to run. My family will still insist on being fed every day, along with the fur babies. Laundry doesn’t do itself, nor do the dishes. And we’re also still going to golf lessons, football practice, and dance classes. And since exercise is one of the few things helping me hang onto that last shred of sanity, I’m working that in there as much as possible too. Sigh.

We all have our seasons of crazy. Be patient with me. This too shall pass. Are you in a crazy time too? How do you survive it?

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