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My other “mini-me”

As much as the Princess looks like me, and has been called my mini-me since she was a wee lassie, I have another mini-me in the house.

Big Man really looks nothing like me. He is his daddy and his paternal uncle through and through. It is uncanny sometimes to look at him and see a younger version of his uncle’s face staring back at me. Some will kindly say he has my brow, or maybe my lips, but that’s being a bit generous. So how is he my mini-me then? His personality, his way of thinking, his responses are so mine it’s kind of terrifying. Spouse will ask me why I’m talking to him a certain way, why I’m so hard on him with certain things. It’s because I know without a doubt what he’s thinking, what’s motivating him or scaring him, because it’s exactly what I would have been thinking, been motivated by or scared of.

I know his insecurities, because they were/are mine. I know his worries, because they were mine. I understand his shyness, because I felt it too. I get his need to achieve, to seek approval because I lived it. I can figure out what he wants by the way he may continually talk about something.

He stays up til all hours of the night, reading by a flashlight in his room. He inhales books like an addict. He reads way above his grade level.

He loves to be in the big middle of things. He is constantly texting his friends, many of whom are girls (but they are JUST friends, not girls he’s interested in, as he constantly reminds me). He would rather have his friends over at our house as he is most comfortable here.

He can be very focused and determined, but he also has little patience. If something isn’t working out the way he wants, or he runs into a roadblock, there may be a mini-tantrum, probably some tears, but then he will settle down, find a solution, and get back to it. He is least patient with himself, and the first to judge his own efforts.  The hardest way must be the right way.

He doesn’t like asking for help. If he can’t figure it out, he will berate himself and go into a funk. He hates being wrong, and will argue past the point necessary just because he doesn’t want to admit defeat, admit his error, admit someone else knows more than he. (BTW – I’ve outgrown that character trait) He will find any loophole available.

I look in his eyes, which look nothing like mine, but I see me mirrored there. I have two mini-me’s – one who looks exactly like me, and one who is exactly like me.

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