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Mom Winning Moments

It’s been a banner of a day as far as being a mom is concerned. Heck, it’s been a banner of a year so far. So in the spirit of full-disclosure, I thought I’d share some of my best with you.

* I told Little Man this morning as he started down the road to tantrum (exceedingly different from meltdown) to “stop banging on everything and pull (his) sh$@ together because I’ve had enough already, and it’s only 7:02am!” Nice, right? As an aside, I am not a person who swears at her children, ever. But it was really one of *those* mornings, and yes, it was only 7:02am. Oh, yeah, and I hadn’t had any coffee to speak of at that point.

* The Princess has the 7th Grade Renaissance Faire at school tomorrow. Not wanting to be a total fail, I bought her a costume. It arrived yesterday. Upon trying it on, she informed me I “needed to sew it, because it’s too big.” I calmly but firmly told her there would be no sewing of any kind. She can, and should anyways, wear something underneath, I’m not altering a costume she’s going to wear one day, and the dresses in the Renaissance period didn’t fit like her ballet leotard and tights. She gave me a look, humphed, and stomped off to her room.

* I was fifteen minutes late to Big Man’s academic bowl last week because I hadn’t bothered, until I was in the car, to look up the address and map it, only to find out when I arrived where the map told me to go, I was still halfway across town from where I was actually supposed to be.

* I’ve double-booked myself so many times in the past five months, it’s actually embarrassing.

* I’m so over the school projects. I’m pretty sure my kids can hear my eyeballs rolling to the back of my head when they inform me they need yet another tri-fold, or ask if I’ll pull the Cricut out to cut titles for them. I know these projects are important to them, and they want to do well, but jiminy multiply two or three projects times three and this momma is toast.

* I’ve hardly volunteered at either school this year. I’m tired. I have a bazillion other things to do. Although I did chair the book fair at the elementary school this year, which has meant basically living at the school for a week, and three more days next week.

* I completely forgot one golf lesson, and called Big Man in sick for two of them. They’re on Monday afternoons. Ouch.

* I’ve been so busy getting ready for our fundraiser next week, normal chores have been neglected. Little Man had to hunt for clean pants to wear. We also ran out of bowls yesterday because the dishwasher was full and I forgot to turn it on.

* We’ve been doing a lot of “fend for yourself” meals – aka frozen waffle night –  lately too because by 4pm, I’m exhausted, and/or hauling the Princess to the dance studio.

There’s just a few. Hope they make you feel better about where you are in life. But if you care to share any of your winning moments, I’m happy to listen.

7 thoughts on “Mom Winning Moments

  1. I was in an office with a therapist discussing Ben… rather I was going on and on and how great he is doing and his progress and blah, blah, blah… when he storms in crying and banging his fists on her desk because he couldn’t find me. Spoke too soon award.

    • Doesn’t it always seem to go that way? It never fails – every time I talk with someone about my kid(s) doing so well, we have a brutal day or they do something completely ridiculous.

  2. I’ve forgotten my kids at school. More than once.

    I’ve fallen asleep during school plays. More than once.

    I smacked my (then) 5 year old for mouthing off. Only once. I still feel guilty about losing it that time.

    You need to slow down Momma. Breathe. Have a nice soak. Your sanity is more important than school projects, book sales, etc.

    My kids are a couple exhausting stages past yours and I can tell you that crazy over booking of your time can last as far as the day is long.

    By the way, my son is now 19 and doesn’t remember that I ever laid a hand on him. He still loves me even though I’m incredibly imperfect. Haha

    • Taking a deep breath this morning, just for me. Sitting here drinking my coffee, Today Show going in the background, enjoying some time with my blogging friends, and ignoring the to-do list attempting to stare me down. Thanks friend! BTW – Big Man had one smack as well. He doesn’t remember it. I still cringe when I think about it.

  3. The Squire is the most gentle man I know. He seldom loses his temper, but when he does it’s remarkable.

    Flash back thirty years or more: Eldest Daughter had just received a phone call from the beau du jour, and Youngest Daughter started opening and closing the kitchen drawers, making the cutlery jingle and bang, claiming she couldn’t find a spoon. ED told YD to “get lost”. She stormed out of the kitchen, turned around and faced the kitchen door, grabbed the back of a dining room chair and yelled, “Well. F… U” as loud as she could.

    The Squire was coming down the stairs to take a shower, and had just removed his belt when YD let loose. She had her back to the stairway and didn’t know he was there – until he grabbed her by the back of her shirt, lifted her six inches off the ground, gave her three good smacks with the belt, sat her back down and walked into the bathroom without a word.

    None of the three of them ever mentioned the incident, but those words were never uttered again in our house.

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