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Six years ago today, my big Sister left this world. I still miss her and think of her every single day. I know she’s with me, but the pain of losing her hangs on.

Three's a Herd

My sister Deb had this thing about 11:11.  She and Clay  (BIL)  even went to Vegas one November day to bet on 11. Now whenever I see 11:11, I think of  her and know she’s with me. If you’re FB friends with me or any of my siblings or nieces/nephs, you might see us post about it. In the past couple of months, I’ve looked at the clock to see 11:11 more times than I can count. I know she’s with me. I fully believe she’s trying to tell me something. Lots of butterflies have been floating by too. I know you’re with me, Deb.

I miss her. God how I  miss her. She was my big sister. She helped shape the person I am today. She was the glue amongst the siblings of a blended family. She was our queen. She taught us all how to laugh at ourselves…

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