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I’m SO lucky

The Herd currently has two teenagers among its numbers. And we are just so lucky to have them around. Whatever would we do without them? I mean, I’d totally be floundering around, with no clue about the world nor how to do anything if I didn’t have them close by. I am so thankful they know everything because I so very obviously know nothing.

Do you remember being a teenager? How awesome it was to know all there was to know, and to delightfully let everyone else around you, particularly the adults in your life, know how lucky they were to have you and all your knowledge? The headiness of knowing everything. Ahhhhh….How I wish I could have even a portion of that back, especially now knowing how much I don’t  know.

I watch them walk around their world, confident in their almost-superhuman abilities. Oh to be young and invincible once again. I try to bite my tongue when they feel the need to arrogantly share their knowledge, understanding where they are, and where they will be in ten years’ time. Some days, I envy them their confidence in their world. I wish I knew everything I thought there was to know. I wish I wasn’t aware the more you learn, the more you know there is to learn. This morning, I was not so understanding. When the Princess felt the need to arrogantly poke fun at her dad in that “I know so much more than you” way, I thanked the Lord, out loud, I have two teenagers to help me navigate the world since I so obviously know nothing.  She looked at me with a blank stare. Big Man knew instantly what I was trying to say. “Shhhhhhh” he said to his sister, “Take it down a level.”

Wish us luck over the next 7 years. I have a feeling the level of sarcasm will rise in concordance with the level of I-know-everything coming out of the mouths of my sweet babes. And yes, there will be sweet payback in their futures.

5 thoughts on “I’m SO lucky

  1. Ah, teenagers. Hormones + modern pop culture + that whole frontal lobe development thing + (for us) some special needs issues. It’s a good thing we love the little devils, isn’t it?

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