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And on the flip side, Hope Floats

I’ve written numerous times about songs taking me back to dark days, painful memories, difficult things faced, and often things I’d rather not revisit. On the flip side, there are songs that call to mind amazing days, beautiful love, things cherished.

The movie Hope Floats came out almost five months before Spouse and I were married. We’ve seen it at least a dozen times, and bought the soundtrack as soon as it came out. When it was time to choose wedding/reception music, we knew we wanted To Make You Feel My Love be part of our day. I’d never heard the original, sung by Bob Dylan. But the song spoke to us from the first time we heard it. In recent years, Lea Michele sang the song on The Quarterback episode of Glee, and Adele has a version on her 19 album.  I love them all, although I’m not super fond of the original. When Kris Allen sang it on American Idol, he quickly became my favorite that season. Now, I don’t care how ticked I might be at Spouse on any given day, if I hear that song, I remember why I love him, why I fell in love with him, and I tend to fall in love with him all over again.

He proposed to me with Garth Brooks’ Shameless playing in the background. That song tend to has the same effect as To Make You  Feel My Love.

When I heard Taylor Swift’s song Begin Again, it really struck a chord, because that’s how my relationship with Spouse made me feel in those early days. He wasn’t like anyone I’d dated before. Things I used to try to hide, because past boyfriends preferred a certain me, he actually appreciated and sought out in me. He gave me a safe place to really be me. He accepted/accepts me, even with all my crazy. Listen to the lyrics, or look them up. You’ll see what I mean.

I’m a car singer (and shower singer, and cooking singer, and cleaning singer…..). The kids became car singers too, although the boys rarely join in anymore. But I have sweet, hilarious memories of them singing along to Mamma Mia, Man I Feel Like a Woman, That Don’t Impress Me Much, Sexy Back, and What Goes Around Comes Around. As a side note, no I don’t censor  music much with my kids and never have. I have a Road Trip playlist with all kinds of songs we can sing along.

Music was part of my growing up. On Saturday mornings, when it was chore time, Neil Diamond, Elvis, or Johnny Mathis would be on in the background.  My kids wonder how I know so many “old people songs.” Hah! I treasure that music and the memories those songs carry with them.

So it’s not always bad or sad things which come to mind with certain songs. There are beautiful things, meaningful moments, the fabric of who I am wrapped up with music.

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