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Wheels off

We have two more weeks of school left. And the wheels are coming off for Little Man. It’s pretty ugly. Although not unexpected, and not out of the norm for him to fall apart at this point in the year, it’s still frustrating and heartbreaking. It doesn’t help I’m exhausted and wiped out, and have very little patience at a time when I need it most.

He’s lashing out. He’s angry. He keeps getting stuck. His anxiety is ramping up. While he’s excited for his new school, we are counting down the days left at our elementary school. The thought of saying goodbye is hard for him to swallow. My emotional state over it probably isn’t helping. And he knows that summer brings a different routine, big changes….not his favorite things.

I’m trying to breath, to help him through these days as best I can. I know I’m micromanaging. It’s what I do when we’re in our most stressful times, when triggers are constant. It’ll be a rough ride the next couple of weeks. We can see the end, but there are lots of hurdles between here and there. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

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