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Sliding towards the end

We are in the home stretch, the last week of school. It’s a cliche, completely, but this year flew by. And yet, so much has happened, it has seemed a long year as well. Don’t judge – my brain has no clue which end is up at the moment.

Four more days…four more wake-ups. Little Man has his Fifth Grade Musical Wednesday night. He decided long ago he did not want to participate, but a couple of weeks ago, his SAI was out so he had to go to rehearsal. He ended up helping with the props and decided he was totally good with that. So he will be behind the scenes Wednesday night, but will still be part of things. I’m super proud of him, and he’s happy to have a role within his comfort zone.

The 5th grade promotion ceremony is Thursday morning…and at the same time as the 7th grade awards. So we are missing out seeing the Princess get a special award. Sigh. I hate when I can’t be there for my kids, particularly when they are being honored.

Friday morning brings 8th Grade Graduation for Big Man. Right afterwards, we go back to the elementary school to pick up Little Man from his party, and say goodbye to our school home of the past nine years.

In short, I’m a hot, weepy mess.  My babies are growing up. Big changes are coming. And the thought of leaving our school for good on Friday is more than I can take. Two teachers already had me in tears last week. They have become family, part of our Herd. I’m so thankful for social media and the opportunity it provides to stay connected.

I have things to do, but after my run this morning, I decided to just stay home this afternoon, and enjoy some quiet time getting things done around here until pick-up. I’m excited for summer…..for sleeping in, not having to go through the morning routine and rush everyone out the door every day, for not dealing with homework battles and projects, for having time to relax, hang out with friends, go to the beach, take in some baseball games, maybe go to the zoo. But the next four days are just going to be emotionally exhausting, and pretty bittersweet.

One thought on “Sliding towards the end

  1. It’s so hard to say goodbye, isn’t it? When John left middle school, that was a major transition. I still keep in touch with his Special Ed teacher. She’s one of a kind.

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