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Back from Crazy Town

I am slowly returning from Crazy Town, aka the last two weeks of school. It was an insane two weeks of end-of-the-year projects, awards ceremonies, events, musicals, and promotions/graduations.  We pushed ourselves through every day as if each were a marathon to be survived and merely finished.  Little Man had a couple of rough nights, some outbursts, and a couple of meltdowns. All of us were exhausted. But it’s done. Summer has begun. Yesterday was a full-on checkout day, besides some cleanup and filing away. We’re still pretty slow and calm today.

The Princess had her oral surgery Tuesday morning. We were both pretty nervous how it was going to go. We’d heard a few nightmarish stories for this particular procedure. It seemed our worst fears had been realized when three hours after the procedure, she was bawling her eyes out from the pain.  She turned a corner immediately after and not only was back at school the next day, but dancing her full schedule two days after the surgery.  It’s awful to see your kid in pain and not be able to do much for her. I sat with her as the tears flowed, impatiently waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. I felt helpless. I’m so thankful her recovery was quick. With everything else going on this week, I was working with limited emotional reserves.

Little Man’s 5th Grade Musical was Wednesday night.  He had chosen long ago to not participate, more because the rehearsals are a personal nightmare for him. About 2/3rds of the way through rehearsals, though, he ended  up helping with props, and found his own little niche. So we were there the night of the performance to watch his classmates, and support his efforts behind the scenes. He did make one appearance on stage – helping transport the boxes of “tea” a la the Boston Tea Party. I almost cried watching him happily run with the boxes from one end of the line to the other. He contributed to the performance, and he was super proud of himself. I was once again thankful for teachers and  staff who allow and encourage my guy to be who he is, but still find a way to let him be part of things on his level.

His 5th grade promotion was Thursday morning.  Oh boy.  I was tearfully anxious. Ironically, it was sprinkling a bit Thursday morning so the ceremony had to be moved inside. He hates indoor assemblies. They’re so loud. But he was awesome. He received his certificate for passing the 50 States and Capitols test, and then his promotion certificate. He’d received the President’s Gold Academic Award last week. Before we were ready, the ceremony was done. And we had just one day left at our school.

Friday was  Big Man’s turn, with his graduation from 8th grade. He was given an Outstanding PE Student award by  his PE teacher, and finished the year on the Principal’s Honor Roll with a 4.0 for two trimesters of the year. It seems impossible he is headed to high school in just two months. Right after his ceremony, I had to quickly get to the elementary school to pick up Little Man and say our goodbyes to our school.  He’d had a rough day, with lots of tears. He’d taken Jaws with him to school, something I didn’t fight, knowing he needed whatever he needed to face an emotional day. He was pretty tearful as they sat listening to their teachers and the Principal talk and wish them well. Then it was time to go. By the time we walked out of the gates, he was fine, chatting happily with his buddy A who was coming home with us. I was a weepy mess. Once we were home, we were all good, and the celebrations began.

We’ve turned a corner. We’re in a new phase in our lives.  There are big changes looming. They’re exciting, and we’re happy. The emotions have settled down now that it’s done. Bring on summer 2015!

Getting the Oustanding PE Student Award

Getting the Oustanding PE Student Award

My two 2015 graduates

My two 2015 graduates

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