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And He Danced

Our cousin got married this past weekend. As with any other event of size, Little Man struggled through it in his own way. He survived the ceremony (with his head in his Daddy’s lap for most of it), and a few family photos, with the promise he could return to the house as soon as we were done. He ventured back for some food, but then returned with his plate to the house again. And he texted me throughout the night, asking how much longer. I finally told him we were having fun, and he could join us, or stay at the house, but I wasn’t leaving the party. He was in perfectly capable hands.

I was mildly surprised when he appeared at the edge of the dance floor. I was very surprised to see him smiling, rather than scowling or crying, though. And then he danced. He danced with joy and laughter. I couldn’t help myself….I teared up . To see him out there, with all the people, the loud music, dancing, smiling, laughing, and having fun along with his siblings….it was one of those moments that makes up for all the horribly awful moments he has. It was something a mom of an autistic child dreams of seeing, if only briefly. It made the frustrations and battles earlier in the day worth it. And I captured it on video. Sharing for your viewing pleasure, and as proof that yes, it did actually happen. See if you don’t get a little verklempt when you see his face as he dances.

The Herd is still wading through a busy summer. I’m taking some time for me this weekend, just in time to face the insanity known as the last two weeks before recital. Hang in there. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming before you know it.

4 thoughts on “And He Danced

  1. Sitting in my car before work catching up on blog reading and here I go getting all misty. 🙂 His face …. then his movements ….. so worth the smile and the mistiness on mine. 🙂

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