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The Words

If you have been following the Herd for a while, you may be wondering if we dropped off the face of the earth this summer. We have been pretty busy, particularly for a summer that didn’t involve much travel. The kids head back to school in a week. I have no clue where this summer went.

In addition to being busy, I just didn’t seem to have any word. Things happened – good and bad. We took two short trips, both involving relaxing and revelations. But my heart seemed to want to keep most of it inside, rather than spilling it about as I usually do. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve yelled, I’ve endured. But I’ve kept most of it to myself.

I took in words this summer. I’ve read through six books in the Outlander series, along with four or five other books.  I’ve watched a lot of baseball. Music is almost always playing, unless the kids are watching one of their random shows. And we’ve talked, a lot, while getting ready to have a high schooler, 8th grader, and 6th grader. We realize we’re on the fast downhill slide to being empty-nesters. The words have been there, just flooding in rather than out.

The words are slowly returning to me though. During many an insomniac night in the last week, I’ve heard them begin to converge in my mind, waiting for the moment I could sit down and pound them out. They’re banging on the door, impatiently waiting while we muddle through the final preparations for a new school year. In a couple of weeks, when the craziness of the first days has settled, and we’ve adjusted to yet another new routine, I will sit in the quiet, and let them pour out once again.

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