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I need a job….or something….maybe

I’ve been a full-time stay-at-home mom for going on six years now. I don’t really miss being in an office dealing with maniacs all day every day. I do sometimes miss feeling like I contribute, as if I’m actually doing something with the college degree I worked hard to obtain, as if I’m more than “just a mom”. And I often miss just being around adults talking about something other than my kids, the last or next book club, or whether I went to the gym that day.  Mostly I miss feeling like I truly have a say in how money is spent in the household, beyond the household/family necessities, since I don’t actually bring any money into the household. Since Big Man started high school Monday, I’ve really been struck with the reality we have college to begin paying for in just four years. All that being said, I think I need a job. But then it has to be a job that fits in with very strict parameters. So maybe I don’t really want a job? Would that blogging about our crazy life paid the big bucks.  But I digress.

With Little Man’s issues, the Princess’ dance schedule, and Big Man’s school/sports schedule, I need something that not only fits in during school hours, but is also flexible if I need to manage an emergency, go to a dance competition, or haul Big Man to a cross country meet. So there’s that. It also can’t be a job that requires any weekend work for all those same reasons.

I believe I’ve mentioned my massive anxiety over talking on the phone? Yeah…..I’d prefer work that doesn’t require me be on the phone much if any at all. I know, it’s a difficult thing. But there ya go. I hate talking on the phone. I’m not good at it any longer. It stresses me out.

It can’t be a job that has anything to do with meeting people at their worst ie after a car crash or house fire/flood/break-in. I did that for twelve years. No thank you. I don’t want any customer service or sales either. See all of the above. While I am good at helping people – or so I’ve been told – there’s always that dark side that seems to come out in even the nicest people when something unexpected has happened to them. I lost my patience for that type of work. It makes me twitch just thinking about it.

If you need research done, especially if I don’t have to talk to anyone to complete it, I’m your girl. Need a paper/book/article edited? I can do that. Do you need a social media content writer/manager? I know social media, how to connect the various sites all together, and just ask my friends, I definitely know how to write social media content. Hello….blogger! Want help putting together a playlist for your runs? I do have some expertise in that field. Need help coming up with fundraising ideas? I have all kinds of fundraising ideas, just don’t ask me to do the fundraising for you – I do a ton of that already, and it’s not the easiest thing for me to actually do. Do you need someone to help you select your next book club book? That would be me. I have a literate degree, and have been a book club member for over seven years.

I’m going to keep pondering this job thing. I’ll figure it out, right?

4 thoughts on “I need a job….or something….maybe

  1. Hi! The way you describe it it’s going to be really diifficult finding a job! My mum raised my brother and me by herself while still working full time — by the age of 6 I knew how to get to my own dance lessons. Maybe this is not an option for your kids, depending where you live, but you’re a mum not a taxi service.. I’m sure there are other mums who could give your kids a ride every now and again? This would not make you a bad mother, believe me! Also, what is it you hate about phones? Maybe there is a way of getting over that anxiety? All the things you would love to work in will require phone calls. Not everything can be sorted out over e-mails.
    I’m not trying to be mean, these are just some reflections upon reading your post. Wishing you all the best! xxx

    • I was mostly being facetious. I love that I am able to stay home with my kids and be their taxi driver…..most of the time. As for the phone – I spent twelve years as an insurance claims representative which involved being on the phone 8-10 hours a day, and about 80% of that was with people who weren’t nice and/or were angry. It kind of affects your desire to ever be on the phone again. :-0

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