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Friday Favorites

Now that the Herd is back in school, and I have more time for blogs and blogging, I’m hoping to bring a regular Friday afternoon post for your reading pleasure. As the title indicates, I’ll list my favorite Friday (well, Friday for me here in sunny Southern California) posts. Go check em out.

Ever find yourself in a cranky kind of mood? Head over to Cute Overload. You’re guaranteed to smile. This is my kids’ favorite blog.

It’s all about brownies at She Said, She Said today.  This made my list today because, well, brownies.

And then there are the kittens at the home of Butterfly Mind 

Chasing Destino‘s kids seem to be as obsessed with the FarmersOnly.com song as my kids, which totally made me laugh. And if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing any of those commercials, you’re now singing the jingle in your head too. You’re welcome.

Suzie Speaks has been inspiring me all week long.

The Pinterested Parent is getting me in the mood for fall, even though it’ll be in the 90’s here next week.

And last, but never least, Miss Fanny P had me totally giggling, because I go through the same thing with my spouse on a near-daily basis.

Happy Friday all!

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