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The Little Things

I got home from the dance studio last night to find the family room and kitchen in their usual disaster status. And I may have sighed. I’m pretty sure I sighed, because Spouse just looked at me like, “Don’t get started.” I’m really trying lately to maintain a more positive and joyful attitude. I have much to be grateful for….kids for whom we are able to amply provide, and who lead an active, healthy life. We have a house. We have animals we love as part of our herd. We have stuff. I still mentally cataloged all the little irritants though, smiling to myself. What are the little things in your home, your life, that can make you somewhat crazy? Here are some of mine:

Shoes – Shoes on the floor, shoes on the stairs, shoes anywhere but where they’re supposed to be.

The Princess’ dance bag left by the couch rather than put away in the closet. It’s only ten steps further to get it in its proper spot.

Socks – our labradoodle, Livvy, LOVES to carry socks around in her mouth. She then drops them randomly throughout the house. Most of the time, she’s slobbered to a level the sock has to be re-washed, or she’s taken it into the backyard and it’s covered in dirt.

Dishes in the sink rather than the (empty) dishwasher. I’m really working on training the kids to rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher. It’s a work in progress. Nine times out of ten, I have to remind them (read, nag) and have them come back to the kitchen to complete the task. Big Man has the tendency to get his dishes taken care of, but leaves his utensils in the sink or on the counter. Really? You  made it that far, and forgot your fork?

Cups – Oh. My. God. My kids follow the law that one must never use the same cup more than once. They all take water to bed, and the cups stack up in their rooms. We do a cup-sweep once a week or so. When their cup drawer is empty, I’m pretty sure they each have at least five cups lined up beside their beds.

Soda cans – left all over the house. Ditto Slurpee cups.

The boys constantly leave their bedroom and bathroom lights on. I’m pretty sure this is genetic behavior obtained via their dad. He rarely turns lights off either.

Empty boxes/bags in the pantry. I mean seriously. Who does that? (My kids, that’s who). You get all excited for a certain snack only to pull out an empty box.

Phone chargers. as in I can never find one. The kids take them to random places in the house, and never put them back in the kitchen drawer where they belong. As with cups, about once a week we do a charger-sweep through the house.

No one else in the household seems to know how to put a new roll on the toilet paper holder, even on the one that doesn’t require pulling the little rod out. They will sometimes balance the new roll on top of the empty roll. Insert eyeball roll here. Ditto with the paper towels. They’ll set the new roll right next to the empty one on the stand.

Dog fur on the wood floors. I sweep the wood floors every single day. and yet every day, there’s enough fur to almost build another dog laying about.

Underarm fat. What the heck is that about? Funny joke, God. Can you take it away now please?

Headphones that fall out of your ears, even when you’re just walking.

People who drive really slowly in the fast lane, and then shake their fist at you when you pass them. It’s called the fast lane for a reason people!

I am a bit OCD. I like things a certain way. I could allow myself to maintain a certain level of irritated every day, all day, just based on the above list alone. But there’s a lot of good little things too. I was just giggling this morning as I stepped over two socks left laying on the kitchen floor to get to the coffeemaker, which had three used cups sitting next to it.

4 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Hello! This gave me a good laugh since I think every single one I can relate to! Here are a few more thoughts you might picture… I think everyone tries to see how tall they can stack trash before it finally spills over and someone is forced to take it out, jackets laying on the floor right under the empty coat rack, and how about the kids thinking to use 3 bowls for lunch instead of a plate with sections… Sometimes I wonder what goes through their minds? Then I laugh when I catch myself doing the same pet peeve they do 🙂 fun post!

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