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First Days

The Herd survived the first week of the 2015-2016 school year!! We had a few speed bumps but we made it through. Big Man’s cell phone died the day before school started. Seriously no bueno when he has cross country practice after school and generally texts or calls me to come pick him up when he’s done. He’s had to resort to borrowing a friend’s or the coach’s phone all week once they’re done running. I did take the phone in to see if it could be repaired. It’s a four year old  hand-me-down which had seen better days when he got it. The tech sheepishly informed me it would cost more to fix it than to get a new phone. The worse news…..we don’t have an available upgrade (even to get the same genesis phone) for two more months, so he will be going without since we don’t care to fork out the $450 off-cycle to replace it now. Sigh. Makes life challenging, and makes me wonder how I ever got around when I was in high school, long before cell phones existed. My parents must have sat in parking lots waiting for us a lot. Or we waited. Or we walked home. Something like that. He will live. We’ll muddle through.

So, yes, Big Man is in high school. Did I tell you they didn’t give the high school students their schedules until the first morning of school? I kid you not. The OCD in me was freaking out with anxiety. How would he know where to go? It’s like that nightmare where you know you’re supposed to be in a certain class but no matter how much you search, you can’t find it, or everything conspires to keep you from getting there? Yeah, that. But Big Man was not the least bit perturbed by the process. Spouse took him to school the first morning. I was a nervous wreck for him until I picked him up that evening. He said everything went well. He had no problems navigating the school, getting to where he needed to be when he needed to be. He loves high school. He was so ready for this step. He is exhausted today. High school cross country is no joke. They’re running over 5 miles a day, seven on distance days. So much for preemie lungs, right? His favorite class thus far is AP European History. His least favorite is Spanish. He says that teacher is mean and boring. Fabulous. Could be a long year for him in that class.

Little Man was super excited for the first day at his new school. We’d gone to the open house last Saturday. The school is beautiful and amazing. All the work that went into creating this place is evident, as is the care of all the teachers and staff. Anyways, LM was up at 5:45 with everyone else, even though that’s two hours before we have to leave for his school. I pulled into the loop to drop him off, where some teachers were waiting to greet the students. Their big smiles were infectious, and Little Man bounced out of the car. Yesterday, on the way home from school, he informed me he is “overwhelmed with happiness” about this school. He’s happy to go every day. He did approach the Principal, who is very accessible, Thursday to not only request a switch to the other sixth grade class, but  he had supporting arguments for the change. The Principal was impressed with his self-advocacy (as was I). He talked with the two sixth grade teachers, as well as the fourth grade teacher who came from our elementary school and who knows LM fairly well. They all agreed it was doable, should we agree. I spoke with the Principal early yesterday afternoon and gave assent. By the end of the day, Little Man was in  his new class.  He did have a couple of blips over the week, in keeping with his usual pattern, in the afternoon and during PE time. There was just so much new for him this week. While it’s new he’s happy with, it’s still a lot for him to process. I traded emails with his SAI. We’re hoping that once all the new wears off, he’s settled in, and into the new routine, he will be okay.  In the afternoons, they have Elements and Explore sessions,  involving a lot of student choice as far as what they’re working on. We really believe that alone will lessen his afternoon anxiety levels and we’ll see fewer meltdowns than in the past.

Three kids at three different kids is a challenge, no joke. Blessedly, we carpool for the middle school, and Big Man’s cross country practice means I don’t have to pick him up right when the high school gets out. We’re adjusting, finding what works best, working out a new routine. But we’ve made it through the first week. Whew!

First day all three

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