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Meeting the new team

After the super fun (read, sarcasm) events of Monday for Little Man, an IEP meeting was called for this afternoon to talk strategies, and any changes that may need to be made. I’ve met his SAI and social worker, and have had a few conversations with the principal leading up to school opening. I hadn’t met his new teacher, the programs specialist, speech therapist, school psych, or adaptive PE teacher. It’s a lot of people in one room.

In a way, I wasn’t too worried or nervous.  This isn’t our first trip to this rodeo.  My only cause for concern was the words he used Monday, that those might be his ticket out of this amazing school, that they might decide he needs more than this new, small school is able to provide.

So, yeah. Lots of people  in the room. And we were in there for 45 minutes, talking about my little guy.  It went well.  I really felt like one of the experts in this meeting. They’re all new to him, but I know him. I know his quirks, his triggers, what usually works, and what will bring out the worst in him.  We put a couple new things in place, and reiterated some things in his IEP they hadn’t used yet. He will have hourly scheduled breaks until he lets us know he doesn’t need them, or quite so many of them. He will have his own big box of goldfish for snack recess. I’m putting together and taking his comfort box to be kept in the social worker’s office. I already told him he will be taking his noise-cancelling headphones to use during math time – math time involves a lot of student collaboration, which results in a lot of noise, which apparently has been distracting and unsettling him.

The speech therapist is sweeter than sweet, and young. She told me she has a 12 year old sister, who is also autistic, and who loves Minecraft. Bingo!! She will be a huge hit with Little Man.  The SAI loves interacting with him. She’s had quite a bit of experience in 8 short days.  The social worker was so happy to find a couple of things to connect with him over (Legos and chess).  The Principal is totally accessible, and wants to challenge him academically as much as he can with as much technology as possible.  The APE teacher will meet with him Friday.  Good luck,  young sir. LM is quite the case when it comes to PE.

When it came down to it, I told them he is excited to go to school every day, and I am still convinced this is the best place for him to thrive.  My momma heart was comforted they seem to agree, and want to make his transition and experience here the best it can be.

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