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Friday Favorites #2

I’d be more excited about it being Friday if we didn’t, once again, have so much going on this weekend. Big Man has his first high school cross country meet tomorrow morning. I’m a nervous wreck for him. He’s ready to put to test all the work he’s been doing all summer. The Princess has dance, of course. Tomorrow night, I get to take her to the Taylor Swift concert, which will be amazing, but in my too-tired state, I get caught up in the process of driving downtown, parking, getting through the gates, etc. Can we fast-forward to the fun? And is it bad I’m already configuring as much as possible so I can work in a nap Sunday afternoon?

The Friday Favorites include some thoughtful, and some fun this week. Enjoy!

As probably will always happen, you have to go to Cute Overload because it will make you smile.

And this, at A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself   just made me laugh out loud.

Finding Cooper’s Voice tells autism like it is, and I needed desperately to see these memes this morning.

This poem at keithgarrettpoetry just spoke to me.

The Princess and I were just talking Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny last night, so this post at IPLEDGEAFALLEGIANCE seems appropriate to include in today’s favorites.

And I love Opinionated Man over at A Good Blog is Hard to Find

Happy Friday Herd readers!

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