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Friday Favorites, #3

Just how did it get to be late Friday afternoon, and I’ve essentially accomplished nearly nothing all day? I did manage to walk three miles this morning, and take a shower (I know those within my vicinity are super happy about that). I also took lunch to the Princess for the first Parents’ Day at Lunch this school year. Other than that, the day has escaped me. I’m currently attempting to motivate myself to join the Princess in the kitchen to bake stuff for the fundraiser at the dance studio tomorrow. Anyone want to bake some brownies or cookies for me?

I have spent the last 90 minutes reading posts to come up with my Friday Favorites. They’re across the board today.  The little Syrian boy who washed up on the beach is an image that is there whenever I’ve closed my eyes today. Then there’s the autism stuff, cuz, well, that’s our reality. I threw in some poetry for good measure. And who doesn’t need puppies on a Friday afternoon?

#FridayFavorites for today are:

  1. Chasing Destino and her Paris Wish List. I want to go to Paris and take romantic selfies. Plus, cheese and wine. Need I say more?
  2. mummuddlingthrough gave words to my thoughts on the refugee crisis, as did
  3. Suzie Speaks
  4. As usual, Opinionated Man at A Good Blog is Hard to Find made me laugh, because my FitBit often tells me the same thing.
  5. Square Peg in a Round Hole had some good parenting advice I needed to read. The boys’ rooms are just about at my limit of tolerance for disaster zones. It helps to be reminded there’s more to life than a clean bedroom. Today, I’m choosing to close their doors, and avert my eyes.
  6. Then there’s this at She Said, She Said  Where’s my cape?
  7. Here’s some philosophy from The Chatter Blog 
  8. Tricia at Never Less Than Everything wrote two posts this week which were simply awesome. If you’re not following her, please do. Here’s one that had me in tears. And her open letter to teachers said everything I would say.
  9. Puppies!!!! And droids! Together!!

And there you have it for today’s edition of Friday Favorites. Happy Weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, #3

  1. Thanks so much! I think when we write we hope against hope that we will connect with even one person, and I am very glad to say you are more than a connection, you’re a friend. Have a wonderful weekend! (No school for a few days – yea!)

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