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More little things

After I finished my post a couple weeks ago about the “little things”, I started to note more little things that make me just a tiny bit crazy every day. But before I do that, here’s some photo documentation of the previous list…..

cups! dog drinking out of the toilet Little Man and tangled cords sock on floor

There are the cups on the counter, and this is actually just a small representation of what it typically left there (I did the dishes yesterday and ran the dishwasher). Then there’s our medium-sized dog, Bruce, drinking out of the toilet. Not sure I listed the tangle of cables and cords Little Man seems to leave in his wake, but this is a norm in our household. He twists up cords with his hands while he’s watching videos or playing video games. Lastly, there’s the sock laying on the kitchen floor, courtesy of our labradoodle. She loves to carry socks around the house, and then drops them wherever. I no longer blame the dryer for losing socks. It’s Livvy’s fault.

For your reading pleasure, here are a few more things that make me batty:

  • Dried, crusty toothpaste in the sink.
  • Walking into spiderwebs. September is the month of giant webs with huge spiders in our  neck of the woods. You learn quickly to walk with your arms waving in front of you from now til about Halloween, or you end up looking like you’re doing some strange sort of aerobics trying to get the web off of your face. I hate spending the day convinced I have a spider somewhere on my person after walking into one of those suckers.
  • Legos. I actually have a love/hate relationship with Legos. They keep Little Man VERY happy. But those stories of the pain of stepping on one at 2am? They’re factual. Also, he leaves them everywhere
  • Getting red wine on your white shirt
  • Running over your bare toe with the vacuum cleaner. Yep, true story.
  • “Unknown search terms” in your blog stats.
  • Getting stuck behind slow people when you’re running late. Part of our drive to the dance studio includes four miles on a two-lane, curvy, country road. Never fails…if we’re running the least bit late, we get stuck behind someone driving 15 mph under the speed limit.
  • The sound of someone crushing a plastic water bottle. Makes my teeth ache just thinking about it. I may or may not have passed on some sensory issues to Little Man.
  • When the corner of the fitted sheet comes undone in the middle of the night.  Why does it only seem to happen on my side of the bed?

What are some of the little things making you crazy these days?

2 thoughts on “More little things

    • Ugh!! Gross!! This is probably the biggest reason I am beyond grateful for separate vanities in our bathroom. I cringe just looking at my husband’s sink.

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