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Well, this is new and somewhat strange

Big Man started high school three weeks ago. There’s so much new, I find myself somewhat dazed most days. He’s on the cross country team. Having a kid on a high school team is kinda weird. We have very little contact with the coach. I’m so not used to that. Gone are the days of going to practice with your kid, sitting there watching and socializing with the other parents. I  can recognize his coach on sight, but I don’t really know 90% of the kids’ names. We have a schedule, but rely upon our child – HAH! – to tell us when he’s supposed to be where. It’s testing my control freak needs, seriously.  I’m working on letting go.

Spouse and I went to back to school night last week. I didn’t even know the names of his teachers, much less his schedule, nor which, if any, of his friends were in his classes. I kept expecting someone to call me out as an imposter. I can’t possibly be old enough to have a high schooler. But that didn’t happen. I looked like all the other freshman parents….somewhat bewildered, mildly overwhelmed, and definitely wondering how our little babies could possibly be navigating this huge school. He’s so ready to be where he is. His momma is struggling a wee bit.

Friday night was the newest, and to date the oddest, development of having a high schooler. After practice, he stayed at school to go to the football games. What???? Yes – he went to the football games, with his friends, without us. I dropped off money, and that was it. Spouse and I sat here Friday night, just saying to each other, “What the heck?” The Princess was babysitting, so it was just us and Little Man at home.

They’re getting more and more independent. Their social lives do not rely upon us, other than needing us to drive them hither and yon.  Their friends take up more time. They are pulling away, which is natural, but is still weird to experience from the parenting end. I’m feeling so……background-ish. Is that a thing? Does it make sense? Spouse did go to the second half of the varsity football game, but sat with one of our friends who’s son is on the freshman team. Big Man was with his friends.

I think it’s odd and also a bit difficult for Little Man, this teenager thing going on with his siblings. He misses them and gets lonely when they’re off doing their things. We’re all kinda flying by the seat of our pants, feeling our way through this newest stage of life.

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