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Person, Place, or Thing?

It’s no secret life has been rough for and with Little Man lately. Big transition is no joke. When he has a good day, I pray we’ve turned the corner, and things will go back to the level place they were last year. But then he’ll have another bad day, and I feel so defeated for him, so anxious.

I know the overlying cause….everything is new right now….new building, new teacher, new location, new route to and from school, new classmates, new routine in the morning and at school. That’s a ton for anyone to deal with, much less a kid on the spectrum. But trying to figure out what is the root cause, the source of each meltdown each day is like trying to stab jello with a spoon.

I’ve fixed all that is controllable. He has snacks he usually loves for snack break. This is key. When he’s hungry, he’s hangry. It’s bad. We took that trigger away. He has his headphones for when it gets loud. Noise stimulation is gone (assuming he’s actually using them when needed – that’s a whole other story). He has breaks built into his day, granted he’s been fighting taking them. I told him yesterday that for now, he has to take them whether he feels he needs them in the moment or not. He switched classes to be in with his friends….the ones who know him, who get him, who accept him and all his quirks, whom he knows will not make fun of him. He has accommodations for PE. He has accommodations in the classroom. His principal has taken a vested interest in him, and continually engages on his level. We’re controlling all we can control, and yet he is still losing it.

His regression has made it nearly impossible for him to tell us what’s setting him off. I’m trying desperately to be patient, but figuring out his triggers at the moment – I’m flying blind here. I feel his team wants me to know, and have answers how to deal with my kid. But at the moment, my hands are tossed in the air. I have no idea. Here’s what usually works, and if it doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell ya. You’re the trained experts here, try something new. They have been amazing, truly. I think we’re all frustrated we can’t help him more in this transition. We’re all grasping at straws.

I keep reminding him to use the tools he knows he has.  If we just keep reinforcing, I do think he will come around and work through this. That’s not to say I won’t keep trying to figure out what may be setting him off each day, keep trying to help him figure it out and verbalize.  We’ll get him there, back to that good place. I have to believe that.

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