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Friday Favorites, #4

I contemplated not writing a Friday Favorites today. I woke to memories of this day 14 years ago when the world we know changed.  As I perused social media before hauling myself out of bed to wake the Herd, I read post after post of memories, saw photos of that fateful day, so many tributes, and statements to “Never Forget”.  I wasn’t sure this particular post would be in keeping with the tide of the day. But I’ve found that laughter is healing, sharing is comforting, and that bonding in some way with other human beings today would give honor. So, here’s a blend of my favorites of the day.

  • Keith Garrett Poetry – I think we all learned a bit of this lesson when we watched planes crash and towers fall.
  • The Qwiet Muse made me hit the floor with this post. The image of children sitting in front of a tv praying is just so beautiful, and also somewhat heartbreaking.
  • HemmingPlay’s The Way It Was, Is because we all go through those droughts, when life zaps the words from us, but we know there are those listening, waiting, thinking about us, and we know we will return.
  • The Chatter Blog’s It’s Still Ridiculous makes a totally valid point. I loved this because I found myself thinking a bunch of things were totally ridiculous today, particularly the number of horrible, rude, incompetent drivers I encountered today. True story – woman in the parking lot at Little Man’s school was trying to squeeze into the pickup line right in front of school. She’d pulled into the wrong side of the driveway, passing half a dozen cars sitting in line. After backing up, pulling forward, backing up, pulling forward, then backing up again at about 2mph, she hit the parked car behind her. Truth. Then wondered why the woman in the car she hit was a wee bit upset with her. Duh. So ridiculous.
  • Daily (w)rite hit home with a post about needing a detox from social media to re-engage in the world around us.
  • Fanny at The Adventures of Fanny P gave me a much-needed giggle over an angry, stalker-ish cleaning lady. Hope you find the right person for the job, Fanny, and avoid the crazy lady.
  • I know I always send you to Tricia at Never Less Than Everything, but she basically wrote about  my morning, every morning. This is a good look into the world of being an autism mom/caregiver.
  • And lastly, as usual, we have this post from Cute Overload  May we never forget what we lost, nor what we gained, on  September 11, 2001.

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, #4

  1. Thank you !

    And the posts today were beautiful, heart breaking, and full of things for us to always remember. I loved the ones full of help and compassion from around the world. And from within.

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