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How are you different?

Little Man’s speech teacher went into his classroom yesterday morning with that book I wrote about the other day. His teacher was completely on board with the idea/project.  The speech teacher didn’t point LM out as the reason for this experiment. She instead gave it from the perspective of her autistic sister. After she read the book, she had the class discuss how people are different, and then asked the students to share, if they were willing, whatever was different about them, which they might worry their classmates would maybe not be as accepting.

Little Man didn’t talk about his autism, but he did share, as did many of his classmates. The speech therapist encouraged them to also talk about ways they could be more accepting, help other kids feel accepted. Little Man went so far as to suggest a team of students who would watch for potential bullying at the school, and reach out to kids they saw alone or maybe upset. Who says autistic kids aren’t empathetic?

While Little Man continues to struggle through transition (he had two good days in a row, and then the Friday crash and burn this week), he is advocating for himself, and trying to help others. I think that’s pretty awesome.

We all have something that is “different” – something we worry others will notice and not accept or like. I could probably list five things just on the fly, things about myself of which I’m insecure. What makes you different?

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