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The battle of the blinds

We’ve lived in our house for over twelve years now. Separate vanities in our master bath have probably saved our  marriage, no lie.  Between our vanities is our tub, over which is a huge picture window (I’m telling you, a man designed our house. Who  the HECK puts a huge window next to a bathtub, facing the house next door?). For reference, our house faces east. Now, Spouse gets up before me almost every morning. And every morning, he tilts the blinds open just a bit. The sun is usually just coming over the hills when I’m pulling myself together, shining through those cracked blinds, near blinding me every single day.

I’ve told Spouse a bazillion times to NOT open the blinds even a tiny bit. And yet he persists. Every. Single. Day. “I want the light to come in,” he says. “I don’t feel like being blinded first thing in the morning,” I respond. Who wants the sun glaring in their eyeballs at 6am? We have the same argument over the front-facing blinds in the family room. He walks around opening them, I come along as soon as he leaves for work closing them.

I wish I could say this is the only thing we battle over in the house. I can’t sleep if there isn’t air moving in the room. I like the ceiling fan going every night, summer, winter, fall, and spring. Doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside, I want the fan on. I’ll climb into bed, read for a bit, turn out the light, lay down, and after about ten minutes, feel like I can’t breath. Then I will notice he’s turned the fan off, again. I then haul myself out of bed, stumbling my way in the dark across the room (I can’t see a foot in front of my face without my contacts or glasses) to the switch, and, sighing heavily, turn the fan back on.

He likes to leave the garage door open all day on the weekends. I HATE having the garage door open. First off, the dogs are very aware the kids will stand there with the door from the house to the garage hanging open, and, being opportunists, wait for that moment and bolt outside to freedom. Then the chase is on. Second, I don’t like everyone walking or driving down the street to see all our junk, nor what an unorganized disaster our garage tends to be.

Then there are the lights. I know exactly where my kids gained the skill of turning on every light, and leaving them on. I now know why my dad used to yell at us all the time to turn off the lights when we’d leave a room. I hear his voice in my head every day I walk around turning lights off.

I write about this all laughingly, because I love Spouse completely. But trust me, you may hear the sighing from where you are when I have to get up later to turn the fan back on, and when I have to close the blinds in my bathroom at 6am, again.

3 thoughts on “The battle of the blinds

  1. That’s so funny! Our bathroom is similar–there’s a nice size window next to the garden tub. Not above the garden tub, but next to. It’s also facing the neighbors but we should be safe thanks to some trees. Still, my hubby couldn’t understand my insistence on getting a blackout shade. People have passed through and I’m not trying to give a peep show!

    • Yeah – this window starts about 4 inches above the rim of the tub, and goes almost to the ceiling. Blessedly, our neighbor on that side is hardly ever home but with a window that big, who knows who can see in?

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