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Friday Favorites #6

I’m slacking today, peeps. My brain is in slow motion. I’m blaming it on a lack of carbs. Fighting age and hormones really blows. I miss carbs. They’ve so lovely. I did manage to survive a Pilates FIT (fitness interval training) class this morning. That Nicole loves to torture us on Friday mornings, in preparation for all the damage she knows we’re going to do over the weekend. Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? We have the usual kid-centered weekend…dance tonight, dance tomorrow, cross country meet on the coast…..It’s a weekend with alarms set for each day. I already want a nap. But I digress, again. Here are my Friday Favorites for today. I will admit, I was struggling through some Friday ADD, so you get what you get. But these each warrant a look.

  • Domesticated Momster took a look into one-hit-wonders. I love her list. What’s your fav one-hit-wonder? I’m a child of the 70’s and 80’s. Mickey and Tainted Love stand high on my list. And who doesn’t sing along to Baby Got Back? (Admit it, you just sang, “I like big butts and I cannot lie!”)
  • Tricia at Never Less Than Everything has teamed up with  Richard Au, and he wrote a guest post called On Not Letting it all Hang Out. I appreciated his post for its soul-bearing honesty, and for the glimpse it gives into the heart and mind of an autistic man.
  • This review by Blu Chicken Ninja may seem terribly random to include, but man do I love notebooks.  You should see her pen organizer. I have some serious desk-envy.
  • Rebecca Wadlington at How Do I Grown Up wrote an awesome post on haters. Love her perspective, and she gives some great advice we all should follow. Why do people feel they have the right these days to go around bashing others and judging others on essentially everything from how they look to the car they drive?
  • Stuart at Storyshucker had me crying with this short story on life lessons and little dogs.
  • Domesticate Momster gets a second nod this week. Moms come to motherhood from different points. I love her honesty of who she was before, and who she is now, as well as why she is who she is now. My babies are gifts, every one of them. And I am a completely different person from the girl I was long ago.
  • This post from Seriously Not Boring was actually posted yesterday, but, once you read it, you’ll see why it made Friday Favorites. I was so moved by it. I sat here reading and crying, then found the actor’s Facebook and became a fan. Even if your life isn’t touched in any way by autism, I hope you see the beauty in what this actor wrote.
  • Lastly, here’s your weekly dose of Cute Overload. I am OBSESSED with this adorable otter.

Did you know today is National Lobster Day? I’d suggest you go hug one, but that might not end well. Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #6

  1. Wow! I am honored to make your list twice today! Especially since my “Motherhood Is A Gift” was kind of a whim of emotions I was feeling this morning! Thank you is an understatement! I will give a peek to the other posts as well. :~}

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