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When you can’t focus on a post to save your life, and everything you’ve written (three drafts so far today) is rubbish…..yeah, that. The mother of the Herd needs a mental health day. I’m blaming it on Outlander, and JoJo Moyes. Who the heck puts out the second half of Season 1 of Outlander, and After You – sequel to Me Before You – in the same week? All I want to do is watch, and read. Well, I did read. I finished After You yesterday just before noon. It had kindly shown up on my iPad Monday at 9pm (it’s awesome living on the West Coast when you’re pre-ordered a digital book!).  Fabulous book by the way. I highly recommend it, but I will warn you, it will leave you with a book hangover. I’m stuck in the land of Lou, who has also been joined by Claire and Jamie Fraser.

Seriously, I’ve accomplished near nothing around the house. My iPad keeps sucking me back for more. Even now, as I sit here trying yet again to get something written, I feel it calling to me, “Just one more episode! You have twenty minutes before you need to pick up the kids….” I’ve only ever been this way with a new season of Downton Abby. And this is why I try not to get started on shows.

What has you distracted lately? Now that I’m finished with After You, and all but one of the books on my Kindle, I need new reading suggestions. And since I only have four episodes left in this season of Outlander, you may as well throw out some suggestions along those lines as well. In the meantime, you can find me with my face in the screen. Jamie and Claire need me.

2 thoughts on “Gah!!

    • Yep. That. We’ve had a super rough start to the school year for Little Man. It’s definitely taken a toll on me. Here’s hoping for sunshiny days for both of us.

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