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Friday Favorites #7

How can a week that seems so long fly by? I had a miserable couple of days, then two so-so days. Mother of the Year trophy needed to be handed over this morning when I seriously told Little Man to “pull (his) sh#@ together” and stop making everyone around him walk on eggshells, afraid everything they say or do is going to make him flip out. Yep, #winning. I found myself in need of some humor today, but also found some head-nodders, and some just plain touching posts to share with you. Can you believe it’s October already? Anyone have their Halloween decorations up yet? As per usual, I’m lagging, trying to do all that needs to be done in a normal day, get ready to leave for Chicago in 11 days to see some of my favorite people in the world, Nutcracker stuff, birthdays, and the ever-present need to feed kids who insist on eating three meals a day.

Here are the Friday Favorites for this week:

  • I am a total sucker for people who save animals. I’m a total sucker for lost puppies/kitties. This story made me so happy. Here’s your weekly dose of Cute Overload.
  • This poem at HemmingPlay could have been written by me/about me. Seriously. Lovely. Exactly the way I feel a lot these days.
  • We Are Map Trotting wrote about Sissinghurst Castle Graden and gets a nod for two reasons – a) the photos are beautiful; and b) England is so on my bucket list. Someday, I will get there. In the meantime, I read about places there, and keep a list. It’s going to take me months to see all the amazing places bloggers have written about.
  • I love words. I love to read. Books are my escape. I love following Andrea Reads Across America, and her post today includes a quote that made me feel, within a just a few words, I was right there. What’s  your favorite quote?
  • Warrior Mom 76 wrote an Open Letter that said so much of what I would/could say. This autism mom thing is rough. As if there isn’t enough guilt from our own selves, unthinking people who judge indiscriminately certainly add to it. Little Man has come so far, but we can still get *those* looks if/when he has a meltdown, or is using his iPad/iPhone to avoid a meltdown in public.
  • I’ve followed Opinionated Man for the last year or so. I love his sarcasm and wit, and his attitude. I love that he continually reaches out and helps fellow bloggers get recognition. But I love most when he writes poetry. He’s been included in my Friday Favorites a few times, and today is no exception. This post is achingly beautiful.
  • Live to Write – Write to Live had a fun post this morning on books they’ve read more than once. I have my own list – Gone With the Wind, Pride & Prejudice, the original Outlander, the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games series, Anne of Green Gables…I love to see what captures other peoples’ interest so much they will re-read again and again.
  • Who doesn’t love Bill Engval’s “Here’s Your Sign” comedy? Square Peg in a Round Hole shared one of her own here’s-your-sign moments. We’ve all had them. She made me giggle, which was much-needed after this week.
  • Oh, Fanny P, how I love thee. Beware letting your kids have your phone, for any reason.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. The Herd is missing Spouse until  Sunday evening. That always adds an extra layer. But he’s been working super hard and very long hours lately, and deserves a “manly” weekend. If you happen to watch the U of A/Stanford football game tomorrow, watch for a group of 40-something men in U of A gear. That’ll be them.  Bear Down!

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