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For Him

Big Man is fifteen, a freshman in high school. For over a year, we had been following up on a delayed-growth issue, including blood-work, more blood-work, x-rays, and a visit to endocrinology. We wouldn’t have bothered with all the testing, but he had fallen off his own growth curve. I wasn’t really worried….Spouse, his brother, and my brother all had their big growth spurts late. But it was beginning to bother him, and his pediatrician just wanted to make sure we were ruling everything out. So we did. The diagnosis was his bone age was a full two years behind his chronological age. Even the endocrinologist said, “A year from now, when you’ve grown six inches at least, we’re going to be laughing at all the time we spent on this.”

That conversation was in April. For six months, I’ve watched anxiously, listened intently. He’s grown about an inch since January 1st, but still lags far behind nearly all of his friends. Even his friend who has had the “little” moniker before his name (Big Man has three close friends with the same first name, so they’ve differentiated them with nicknames) has shot past him in height.

I know he’s going to grow, but dang it, I wish it would happen, and soon. I wish it for him. It’s hard to be one of the oldest freshmen, and yet one of the shortest freshmen. It hurts  knowing it bothers him. Yes, eventually we will be laughing about all of this. To my knowledge, no one at school gives him a hard time about his height. He’s not mentioned it anyways. I hope he isn’t being teased.

This one is totally out of my control. There’s nothing I can do to speed up the process. We just have to wait. It is going to happen. He will grow. But for him, I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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