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Friday Favorites #8

Have I really been doing Friday Favorites for two months? I started because I had a goal of posting every weekday, and one Friday, I had no fodder from the Herd. Then I read a post that just stayed with me, and I wanted to share it. And then I found another post, and another post, and another. Thus, Friday Favorites was born.

Lemme tell ya, it’s 105 degrees here today. That’s twenty degrees above normal for us this time of year. It’s hideous. I don’t do heat well. And cold is, well, cold. This is why we live somewhere with moderate weather. I’m sorry, but 105 is not moderate. It wipes me out, zaps all my energy. But I’ve powered through to find some favorites to share.

  • Tricia at Never Less Than Everything has been a busy woman lately. That didn’t keep her from putting together an awesome post today about Choosing Your Battles. Sometimes, in my frustration and exhaustion, I forget that every little thing Little Man does, or doesn’t do, isn’t meant to drive me insane. And choosing battles is a way of life for all parents, at least in my experience.
  • Rebecca at How Do I Grown Up revealed her lifelong procrastination issues. I can totally relate – I’ve been known as a master of procrastination myself. Do you procrastinate?
  • Jacqueline at a cooking pot and twisted tales wrote an ode to the lady and the map. This one spoke to me. Life isn’t pretty, no matter how much we may expect it to be when we set out on this fabulous journey. And yet we can, and should, journey onward.
  • Fawn. the lovely author of triggershorse, wrote about her least favorite meal growing up. This made me laugh. We all have that one meal mom made that just was the worst thing ever, right? What’s yours? Mine was chalupa. Good gracious, I hated it when mom made that. And it seemed the never-ending torture. We always had leftovers for days from one pot of chalupa.
  • Square Peg in a Round Hole shared a sweet autism story. I always wonder what kind of girl will come along and love my Little Man. She’s going to have to be pretty special.
  • Beautiful Life With Cancer made me want to fire up my keurig, in spite of the 105 degree temps.
  • 21andsensory has some good advice of things NOT to say to someone with sensory processing disorder. It was a very good reminder for me. Little Man has LOTS of sensory issues.
  • David of David Snape and Friends shared some beautiful poems by Doug Stuber. As a literature major, I read a LOT of poetry. I didn’t love it. I’m finding these days poetry touches me more. I understand it better. I admire it a ton.
  • If you’re looking for a fabulous recipe for minestrone, try this one Milagro Mama shared.
  • And to finish us off on a high note, here are some goldies helping bring in the groceries.

Happy Weekend!

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