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Friday Favorites #9

I know, I know…this should be #10, but I was in Chicago last week and there was no time for writing, much less reading. So, there may a bit longer list today, just to make up for last week.

  • Cooper’s mom at Finding Cooper’s Voice always tells it like it is, even the beyond-sucky parts of autism. Her post today is heartbreakingly honest. Go give her some love. Her sweet boy is amazing, and she’s pretty awesome too.
  • Anxious Mom at Strong Enough to Break shared her son’s list on how to get mad. I have to share it, because it’s totally something my Little Man would have written.
  • There’s a lot of anxiety going on in my life. It’s not an abnormal occurrence to have a full-blown anxiety attack at 2am. Persistent Platypus wrote a brilliant haiku. The last line is awesomeness.
  • Sarah, aka Mum Muddling Through, wrote a brilliant post about having that second child. The choice of when we had our second was blessedly taken out of our hands. I don’t know if after having a micro-preemie the first go-round I would have gone back to the well, especially so close together.  Everything she says in this post is spot on. If you already have that second (or third, fourth, fifth…), you’ll be nodding your head. If you’re thinking of having a second, she has great advice.
  • This post at Fabulous With Glitches just totally made me laugh (there is some language, if you’re a person whom foul language bothers, you may want to skip this one). And heck yeah with the mojo!
  • Colleen, aka Chatter Master, is one of my favorite bloggers these days. Seriously. And her post today is so thought-provoking. The Value of Our Ability. If you typically check out mentally on Friday afternoons, save the link, but make sure you read this one at some point. I’ve been struggling with this topic for months.
  • Madi of Madi Does Motherhood hit the proverbial nail with her post on Love.  Spouse and I have been married nearly seventeen years. Love is a choice, every single day. That, in my mind, is one of the keys to a successful marriage.
  • Want to read some intriguing fiction? Josh at My Friday Blog wrote some good stuff. I have to go back and catch up with the rest of this story. Josh, I hope this means there’s a full novel in progress?
  • Emma at Blu Chicken Ninja shares part of her bookshelves. I LOVE that she organizes her books by cover color. Her blog name alone should grab your attention. I know it did mine.
  • Christa of My Sweet Delirium asks What Are You Writing For? Don’t we all ask ourselves that question on a near-daily-basis?
  • Cordelia’s Mom wrote a post about friendships with people you only know online. I’ve been part of an online support community for eleven years, long before social media was a thing.  It was really difficult and often uncomfortable explaining to other people my “friends” from all over the country, whom I’ve only ever “talked to” via words written on a computer. What’s your take?
  • And finally, Corgis and ferrets. Need I say more?

Happy Friday everyone!

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #9

  1. Thank you for the lovely words about my story. Yes, I am going to be building a novel off of them. The stories I have written so far are likely rough outlines of the chapters. I can’t seem to let that world go, so I guess I’ll write a novel. The How To Get Mad post is great, had me cracking up. I’ll have to check out the other ones you shared.

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