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To sleep would be glorious

It’s no secret many autistic kids struggle with sleep. Ditto for the parents of those autistic kids.  Little Man, at 11.5 years old, finds his way to our bed 5 nights out of 7. And let me tell you, even when he’s asleep, he’s not a great sleeper. As a matter of fact, he kind of really sucks at it.

It’s been particularly bad the last week, give or take. He’s been sick. My kids generally get a free pass to our bed when they’re running fevers. That started when Big Man was little because he had a fabulous tendency to spike high temps in the middle of the night.  Freaked me out, so I wanted him nearby.  So, Little Man was running a fever, and thus, was in our bed a few nights running. Good golly. I don’t think I’ve had what would comparatively be a decent night’s sleep since I got home from my Chicago trip. He’s done his usual flopping around the bed, punching us in the head, side, back, kicking sheets and comforters all over the place, and yelling/crying. In addition, he’s been grinding his teeth. Like, wake you out of a dead sleep grinding his teeth. It’s an awful sound, and it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about  it.

He’s recovered from his sick, returning to school yesterday. We locked our bedroom door last night. And yet I’m still a walking zombie this morning. Soooooooo tired. Thankfully, the Princess doesn’t have dance classes tonight, and we have a planned quiet night at home watching baseball.

I miss good sleep. I don’t know when I’ll possibly have it again on a consistent basis. You’d think once your kids were in middle and high school, good sleep would be a possibility. Yeah, no.  Now they’re up later, and I can’t sleep until they sleep. Soon they’ll be driving. Yep, no sleep for the momma at that point. Even when they go off to college, I think I’ll be worried, and still won’t sleep. And who knows when, or if, Little Man will ever be a good sleeper. For now, we’re trying to get him to stay in his own bed, all night, every night. Wish us luck, because to sleep good sleep would be so glorious. In the meantime, cheers to all the parents. I’m raising my coffee cup to you this morning.

6 thoughts on “To sleep would be glorious

  1. I feel the same way about sleep, I’m a mess without it. I’m hurting for you while I read your post! I wrote a post about power naps, they save my existence!

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