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Friday Favorites #10

I think this is #10…..It’s been a long, rough week. This could be #85 for all I know at this point. Little Man is sick. He came home from school last Thursday (8 days ago), and ran a fever for four solid days, accompanied by a sore throat and headache. The fever and throat thing went away, but the headache stuck. He made it through three days of school, but I got the call to bring in some ibuprofen yesterday morning. He barely slept last night. We’re both walking zombies today. I finally caved and called the pediatrician’s office. The verdict, after ruling out strep throat and any neurological signs? Virus. Lovely, that. Viruses blow. Seriously. Not much you can do but treat symptoms. Up the ibuprofen dose, and call on Monday if he isn’t better. He’s miserable, poor baby. Anyhoo…..if I’ve forgotten what # Friday Favorites I’m on, that’s why.

Who’s ready for Halloween tomorrow? Spouse is taking Big Man to get his costume in the morning, because, #momfail, I didn’t even ask him what he wanted much Β less did I order him a costume. He is 15 and a freshman. But I told him as long as he and his friends wear real costumes, and don’t terrorize the neighborhood, they can go out trick-or-treating. And I think I may finally have enough candy we won’t be turning off the light at 7:30pm. Seriously, the gates open to our ‘hood, and people flood in. We regularly hand out over 400 pieces of candy.

All righty, enough delay. Here’s your Friday Favorites for this week…..

  • Phil of Mr. Mum is a blog I’m new to following. And he’s awesome. This post had me giggling at 5:45 this morning. He shares one more reason I’m highly uncomfortable around birds, especially large birds.
  • Shannon at Adventures In Thirty Something gave me pumpkin carving envy with her post today. Dang – I’m lucky if I can get the eyes right in your run-of-the-mill jack-o-lantern face, much less get anything close to a kraken.
  • Jenny, The Bloggess, wrote a gut-wrenching post on hidden illnesses. Would that everyone understood this. You can’t “see” that Little Man is autistic, ADHD, and ODD, but it’s real, not something we made up to account for our bad parenting or his different behavior.
  • The photo in HemmingPlay’s post today caught my attention first, then the words took my breath away. Go check out Thunder-rise. It’s a beauty.
  • This Messed Up Beautiful Life by Sasha at Mom Life Now has such gorgeous photos, and struck home, especially after this week when I’ve been counting the hours til bedtime the minute my alarm went off each morning.
  • Kids these days have Halloween so easy. This Halloween post at She’s A Maineiac is so flippin funny. If you’re a child of the 70’s and 80’s, many of these costumes will look familiar. Imagine if our kids had to suffer the horror of the creepy Snoopy masks?
  • Thank you, Be Like Water, for the PSA today is National Breadsticks Day. Breadsticks wrapped in bacon? Yes, please!
  • Ladies, read this and tell me if you think Jason is right? I thought he was a little right, and I told him so, as soon as I was done laughing.
  • And this post wouldn’t be complete without two things….a Cute Overload link, and something Halloween-y. You’re welcome.

Happy Halloween!! Parents – don’t get caught stealing your kids’ candy!

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