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Halloween/Time Change Hangover

I have been attempting to put together just one coherent sentence all day. It just isn’t happening. Must be a Halloween and/or Daylight Savings change hangover. I have fuzzy brain. Maybe my mad writing skills will return tomorrow. Anyone else suffering the same?

13 thoughts on “Halloween/Time Change Hangover

  1. Goodness yes!
    I suffer every year, a few days of low energy and general malaise. It’s much worse in spring. At least now I’m sleeping fine. We’re all ready for bed by 8. lol

  2. Only in America would we schedule the absurdity of Daylight Time Change with our beloved Halloween. It truly is too much to process at the same time. The fact we can’t keep clocks the same year round has always frustrated and fascinated me but then again considering our IRS Tax Codes perhaps “time travel” makes perfect sense after all…

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