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Friday Favorites #11

You know the hardest part of Friday Favorites? It’s remembering what number I’m on. Seriously…..I usually have to go back and look. I didn’t check today, so this might be number 12. Or maybe it’s #10. Who knows.

Little Man has fully recovered from whatever viral beast was messing with my boy.  Big Man tried to catch it, but I talked him down. No more missed school until Christmas for any of the Herd. That’s the goal.

I told myself today’s list would be short. It has to be short. The Princess and I leave in two hours for a dance competition. I have yet to pack. Thankfully, we’re only spending one night, but that’s just because she has to be back at the studio tomorrow for Nutcracker rehearsals, but then we’re back up to the competition Sunday morning. Ever do your daughter’s ballet bun and full stage make-up at 5am? Any takers? Please?

I also have to leave the house in 35 minutes to start the pickup loop for school. Yikes! Without further ado…..

  • Emma of Blu Chicken Ninja shares another portion of her bookshelf. Have I mentioned I love she organizes her books by cover color, in rainbow order? Awesome sauce. (Did I just type “awesome sauce?”)
  • I had to include Stiletto Momma’s post on her daughter, who does not dance, but found her niche on the soccer fields because Princess used to be both….a ballerina AND a competitive soccer player. When she reached the point of choosing between the two, she very well could have gone with soccer and been awesome. We ended up with the sparkly pink tutus.
  • Anxious Mom wrote about making her blog hot. She also made me spit my water on my computer screen. Thanks, Anxious Mom, I needed that.
  • Edward Roads wrote two sentences that formed a picture, including sounds, in my brain. I think I loved it most because he included the word “susurrant”.  Uber cool.
  • Do you think you ever show your third face? The one only you really know? Do you think it’s okay to have a side of you that’s never shown? Square Peg in a Round Hole brought it up, and I’ve been pondering the question for the last hour.
  • Blunderdad at Single Family Asylum brings up an even more inspired question. I dare you not to laugh.
  • I fell in love with kelzbelzphotography‘s photo today. Old buildings are so cool. The photo made me want to wander in, see what was inside, wonder at the story behind the abandonment.
  • Be Like Water’s post was the first one I saw this morning. Started my day off right. Have anyone in your life you could see doing this particular thing?
  • Cooper’s mom at findingcoopersvoice is always no-holds-barred.  She tells it like it is.  As another autism mom, I appreciate that. Too often, the dark side, the terrifying side, the it-totally-shouldn’t-be-that-way side of autism is hidden away. Go give her some hugs. She could use them at the moment.
  • The new James Bond movie comes out today. Daniel Craig is so on my island. I think he’s one of the best Bonds ever…..What’s your take? Who’s  your favorite Bond? Anyways, I have, as always, had to include Cute Overload. James Bond, and a kitten. You’re welcome.

Happy Friday all! Make it a good weekend!!

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