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Evaluations and Assessments

As I mentioned last week, it’s tri-annual year for Little Man’s IEP. That means evaluations and assessments across the board, with essentially every member of his team. Have I mentioned he really doesn’t like changes to his schedule and routine?  I had two phone calls today, one from the school psychologist, and one from the speech therapist. Both said he’s given some push-back. He doesn’t like being pulled out of class, particularly if it isn’t part of his regular schedule. They have figured out he is much more cooperative and willing if they get him first thing in the morning. He’ll go in for his last speech evaluation half an hour before school starts Thursday  morning.

I go back and forth on this. They want him at his best. I mostly do as well, but then I also want to make sure they’re getting a true picture of who he is and what he’s like at every point of the day.  Double-edged sword. I need them to see how awful it can be. But I also need him to be cooperative and engage so they can complete the evaluations and assessments.  It’s a conundrum.  We’re all working it out.

I finally pulled open the parent forms yesterday.  Two of them were pretty easy, although having to fill them out still sucks because they clearly point out his challenges and deficiencies.  But I can circle and fill in dots like a champ. The third form had me stumped as soon as I got past the question of who lives in the household and how old is each person, along with are his parents married or divorced/separated and have there been any traumas within the last year. I reached the Academics section and was immediately stumped. I had to put it away. How do you define your goals for your child’s education? I know how to answer that one for my neuro-typical kids…..do their best, graduate with grades good enough to move on to college. While we fully expect Little Man will go to college – he’s fully academically capable – his education involves so much more. And it seems his academic strengths have changed. I’m not sure I even know anymore.  What do I want for him? What concerns me? What helps him? What doesn’t help him? How do I define his social struggles within three lines, and my concerns for his social abilities in two lines?

His IEP meeting is November 30th. That’s not far away.  I’ve made it clear I don’t want to lose any portion of his services before his next tri-annual, which will be during his Freshman year of high school. Thus far, they’ve heard me. I am already dreading it though, that meeting. I try to keep emotion out of it, but I’m his mom…it hurts so much to have to sit there and discuss all the ways he needs help just to get through a school day, much less get the same education as his siblings and peers.  I hate having to talk about him saying this is too hard and he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

I haven’t finished the form with all the blank lines. It has to be back to them by next Wednesday. I think I’m going to have to do it in small increments, take my time. It’s a bit overwhelming as a whole.

7 thoughts on “Evaluations and Assessments

    • Precisely. I’m just feeling overwhelmed with the form full of blank lines at the moment. How do you explain your wants and needs for your kid in 1.5 pages?

      • Yes it’s difficult but can’t you include some of the stuff in the parent input? I don’t know about where you are based but where I’m at I can write so much in the parents input and include everything. By law they are obliged to include it

      • I’m sure I could add to it. They already have the letter I wrote to his teacher at the beginning of the year (standard practice anymore) outlining much of what this form asks, and have have multiple conversations with three of his team on many of these questions too.

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