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Cat Drama

Our Herd includes in its number two cats.  We, being bad cat parents, let them go outside during the day.  We bring them in at night because there are all kinds of creatures around our neighborhood, including coyotes, skunks, and possum.  We’ve lost one cat to coyotes in the dozen years we’ve lived here so we minimize the potential of that happening again, however, the best laid plans and all that….

One of our cats, Willie,  stayed out overnight a couple weeks ago.  I woke at 2:30am to the sounds of an intense cat fight. There’s a huge tabby that likes to walk our back fence as if he owns the place. Willie took offense. They fought. He came home the next morning with two cuts on his face, which I doctored. That side of his face was puffy for a couple of days, but then the swelling went down.  When the Princess and I got home from the studio Saturday evening, I noticed Willie’s face had developed a large lump. Fun times. Cuz we need one more thing going on. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered by it – he was still eating, drinking, being his normal self. We let it go for a couple days to see if it would work itself out, but by Tuesday morning, I knew it was time to take the damn cat to the vet (which had been closed Monday or I’d have taken him then).

This cat hates the cat carrier, and riding in the car. He told me all about it.

At the vet’s office, I found out I’d have to leave him for the day so they could anesthetize him, open up his cheek, and put a drain in. More good times. Thankfully, they didn’t want a billion dollars to take care of it. I picked him up late in the afternoon. He was one angry cat. I’ve never heard him scream like he did when the tech was putting him back into the carrier. Let’s not even talk about the cone of shame. It was a whole lot entertaining to watch a pissed off, drugged up cat try to walk around, and get away from the dogs who just wanted to sniff him, maybe give him a hard time about his cone.

He finally gave up and fell asleep on Big Man’s bed for the rest of the night.

Now, he’s used to going outside first thing in the morning.  He lets us know he’s ready as soon as my alarm goes off. But he has to stay in while the cone is on and he has the drain in.  He. Is. Mad. And he would really like to get the cone off.

He gave up once again, but it took a long while.

cat asleep on the stairs

Nap time on the stair landing.

Did I mention I have to give the cat liquid antibiotics twice a day? Between that, not being allowed outside, and having to endure the cone of shame, he’s pretty ticked off. He showed us his displeasure by peeing in one of Little Man’s Lego bins. Have you ever cleaned Legos?

cat peed on legos

Little Man was NOT happy. I’m thinking of changing the cat’s name from Willie to DC, short for damn cat.

The saga continues. He goes back to the vet tomorrow to get the drain out and for the doc to make sure it’s healing as it should.  Anyone taking bets what else he pees on when he realizes he has to go back into the carrier and the car?

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