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Friday Favorites #12

Hey!! The Herd reached 400 followers (Plus!) this week!!! Can I get a Wooooohooooo????!!!!! I know some of you have ten times that and more, but for this humble momma blogger, I’m pretty excited! Thank you all those who’ve joined our crazy ride.

In an update to the cat saga post yesterday, Willie visited the vet this morning (yes, there was lots of yowling in the cat carrier on the way there and back). He had the drain removed, ditched the cone, and was declared “healing nicely”. He’s still on house arrest for a few more days. He spent over an hour bathing himself once we got home. He’s a much happier kitty, until I have to give him his medicine later.

What’s on  your weekend agenda? The Princess and I are going to a musical tonight. One of her besties has a lead role. Super fun. The men are going to the movies, I think. It’s Nutcracker all day tomorrow for the P. Spouse and I head downtown for a bike bar thingy. I’d never heard of it before a few weeks ago. Maybe photos will be shared next week. Maybe not. There are adult beverages involved after all.

I know you’ve all been patiently waiting (right?) so here’s the list for this week’s Friday Favorites:

  • Linda G Hill shared a gorgeous photo. I want to go there. The sky a beautiful blue, with puffy white clouds reflecting in the water below. Peace.
  • Kids re-enacting the Republican debate? Yes please. Thanks, Luther at Infinitefreetime.com  Made us all laugh.
  • Adoption carries so much more than just adopting a baby and bringing him home. Riddle from the Middle shares some of the difficulties. I love her honestly. Thank you for sharing.
  • You Can’t Argue With Crazy wrote her hundredth post!! Go show her some love. She writes some good stuff.
  • Who knew Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was 40 years old? Good grief. That makes me feel so old!!! David Snape and Friends asks the question, “Do you think this is the best song ever?” I love music. I listen to so many genres and have all my life. The Beatles “Imagine” is one of my all-time favs. But when the Eagles “Hotel California” comes on, the radio always gets blasted. I could say that of so many songs. And I dare ya to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody without banging your head a la Wayne and Garth.
  • Emma of Blu Chicken Ninja has written a pen review before. Have I mentioned I LOVE pens? I can and will spend hours in an office supply store testing pens. She wrote a new review on some gel pens. I think I need these!
  • Having a high schooler is stressful. We put pressure on him, his teachers put pressure on him, he puts pressure on himself. These four years are so important, so pivotal in what happens after high school. We’re trying so very hard to find a good balance for him, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the ultra-competitive nature that is getting your children into “good” colleges. Milagro Momma at Miracles in the Mundane writes so eloquently on this issue.
  • Part of having a kid on any kind of competitive team is fundraising. We’ve been holding bake sales at the dance studio to raise money for costumes, competition fees, and private lesson fees for the Princess’ competition dance ensemble. The theme this week is Fall goodies, so I was super excited to find this recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes at …and a sprinkle of love. Going to test this one out.  I’ll let you  know the verdict, but they sound so freakin tasty!
  • Pets…..on iPads….nuff said. Cute Overload

Happy Weekend!!!

20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #12

    • 😍😘 It’s like you’ve been writing my life lately. And this is such a huge thing lately for teenagers. It needs to be discussed and managed before our kids totally burnout

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out today! What an honor and blessing. P.S. That is why I was busy baking….bake sale season 🙂 Congratulations on your 400+followers….it is a joy to be one of them 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kind words today. Hearing from other bloggers like you really makes my day! (Congrats on the follower milestone — that’s awesome!!)

    • Aww thank you! I have a few close friends who have adopted. I never knew what all that truly meant until I knew them. Thank you for writing your family’s journey.

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