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Completely disgusted and totally terrified

As happens frequently, I had a post planned, but before jumping on WP to write it, I was checking my Facebook feed when I came across this article on a family suing a neighbor for their son being a “public nuisance.”  You guessed it, the kid is autistic. I am completely disgusted. Who the freak does this? It’s one more indicator all the work we need to do as parents of autistic children towards understanding and acceptance. This disgusts me, and it also terrifies me.

Little Man’s main emotion is anger. Second to that is frustration.  He lashes out. He yells. He punches and kicks walls.  He throws his Legos at the ground. Outside of normal sibling wrestling, he’s never, ever directed any violent actions towards animals or people.  Not. One. Single. Time. I do worry about his behavior, particularly when we are around people who don’t know him, or who don’t know he’s autistic.  There is such a lack of compassion and understanding. I fear someone will misconstrue something he’s said or done. I fear people fearing him. If these people win this lawsuit, what will that mean for my Little Man and all autistic children out there?

I refuse to hide my child away just to make life easier for anyone else. We take him out to eat, to the movies, to sporting events, to school events, to church, to his sister’s performances and his brother’s meets/games.  It’s not easy. Yes he has had full-blown meltdowns. Yes, it is embarrassing to get *those* looks. But we keep going, keep doing. It’s actually a form of therapy for him as someday he must be functional, on his own, in the real world.  It’s hard, but it’s worth it for our family. He rides his bike up and down the street. He runs around the block. If any one of our neighbors ever had an issue with him, I would hope they would address the situation with compassion, and constructively.

I am disgusted that anyone would take a family to court, calling their autistic child a public nuisance, as if he’s something that should be hidden, kept away from others, taken out of society. I am disgusted anyone could be so selfish. I’ve lived near kids who were public nuisances. It had nothing to do with any diagnosis and everything to do with neglectful and/or absent parents, drugs, alcohol. But there are better ways to address the situation than filing a lawsuit.

The family with the autistic child moved out of the neighborhood over a year ago. I’m sad for them, that they felt they had to leave their home, were forced out. That’s just beyond comprehension. It’s bullying at its highest form.


25 thoughts on “Completely disgusted and totally terrified

  1. I saw the headline and was so alarmed I stopped reading. I couldn’t bring myself to read the story at that moment because I knew it would anger and upset me. I had no idea the family had felt forced to move from their home. I must go back and read it properly. Hopefully (surely) right thinking will prevail and the wrong legal precedent will not be set. Xx

    • One can only hope. I did some research before I wrote. It seems some of the neighbors are saying they approached the parents to try to resolve, but the parents didn’t respond as they had wanted. Who knows what that means.

  2. Some people are just ridiculous. We had neighbors a few years back who complained about our little one waking up crying in the middle of the night and making normal noise from a toddler when living in an apartment complex with very thin walls. We were forced to move out too. We couldn’t live with those crazies. You just can’t make sense of some people.

  3. How horrible. Are we supposed to go back to the days when we locked up special needs people in asylums where the living conditions were horrible and the “attendants” were brutal?

  4. How appalling. I wouldn’t want anyone to say that about my son or sue us for having a child with autism! What the hell is wrong with these people? Don’t they have hearts? What would they do if they had an autistic person at their home, would they call him a “private nuisance” then? Ridiculous

  5. I’ve read about it. And to say I was disgusted would be an understatement. I’m definitely not going to lock my son up or move away. If my neighbours are “disturbed” then THEY should move out. Heck even some typical children can be loud and aggressive. This world lacks human empathy and compassion. It lacks it in a big way! Shame

  6. WTF?! What kind of people would do that? I actually feel sorry for them for being such low creatures. They must have a pretty bad life in order to be as bad as that. I hope that the family found a better neighborhood! And the ones that took them to court will get their bill eventually… Karma…

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